(* *) #" " " " / * + - ^ :: @ = <> <= < >= > := and as assert begin class constraint do done downto else end exception external false for fun function functor if in include inherit initializer lazy let match method module mutable new object of open or private rec sig struct then to true try type val virtual when while with abs abs_big_int abs_float abs_num abstract_tag accept access acos add add_available_units add_big_int add_buffer add_channel add_char add_initializer add_int_big_int add_interfaces add_num add_string add_substitute add_substring alarm allocated_bytes allow_only allow_unsafe_modules always append appname_get appname_set approx_num_exp approx_num_fix arg argv arith_status array array1_of_genarray array2_of_genarray array3_of_genarray asin asr assoc assq at_exit atan atan2 auto_synchronize background basename beginning_of_input big_int_of_int big_int_of_num big_int_of_string bind bind_class bind_tag bits bits_of_float black blit blit_image blue bool bool_of_string bounded_full_split bounded_split bounded_split_delim bprintf break broadcast bscanf button_down c_layout capitalize cardinal cardinal catch catch_break ceil ceiling_num channel char char_of_int chdir check check_suffix chmod choose chop_extension chop_suffix chown chown chr chroot classify_float clear clear_available_units clear_close_on_exec clear_graph clear_nonblock clear_parser close close closeTk close_box close_graph close_in close_in_noerr close_out close_out_noerr close_process close_process close_process_full close_process_in close_process_out close_subwindow close_tag close_tbox closedir closedir closure_tag code combine combine combine command compact compare compare_big_int compare_num complex32 complex64 concat conj connect contains contains_from contents copy cos cosh count count counters create create_alarm create_image create_matrix create_matrix create_matrix create_object create_object_and_run_initializers create_object_opt create_process create_process create_process_env create_process_env create_table current current_dir_name current_point current_x current_y curveto custom_tag cyan data_size decr decr_num default_available_units delay delete_alarm descr_of_in_channel descr_of_out_channel destroy diff dim dim1 dim2 dim3 dims dirname display_mode div div_big_int div_num double_array_tag double_tag draw_arc draw_char draw_circle draw_ellipse draw_image draw_poly draw_poly_line draw_rect draw_segments draw_string dummy_pos dummy_table dump_image dup dup2 elements empty end_of_input environment eprintf epsilon_float eq_big_int eq_num equal err_formatter error_message escaped establish_server executable_name execv execve execvp execvpe exists exists2 exit exp failwith fast_sort fchmod fchown field file file_exists fill fill_arc fill_circle fill_ellipse fill_poly fill_rect filter final_tag finalise find find_all first_chars firstkey flatten float float32 float64 float_of_big_int float_of_bits float_of_int float_of_num float_of_string floor floor_num flush flush_all flush_input flush_str_formatter fold fold_left fold_left2 fold_right fold_right2 for_all for_all2 force force_newline force_val foreground fork format_of_string formatter_of_buffer formatter_of_out_channel fortran_layout forward_tag fprintf frexp from from_channel from_file from_file_bin from_function from_string fscanf fst fstat ftruncate full_init full_major full_split gcd_big_int ge_big_int ge_num genarray_of_array1 genarray_of_array2 genarray_of_array3 get get_all_formatter_output_functions get_approx_printing get_copy get_ellipsis_text get_error_when_null_denominator get_floating_precision get_formatter_output_functions get_formatter_tag_functions get_image get_margin get_mark_tags get_max_boxes get_max_indent get_method get_method_label get_normalize_ratio get_normalize_ratio_when_printing get_print_tags get_state get_variable getcwd getegid getegid getenv getenv getenv geteuid geteuid getgid getgid getgrgid getgrgid getgrnam getgrnam getgroups gethostbyaddr gethostbyname gethostname getitimer getlogin getpeername getpid getppid getprotobyname getprotobynumber getpwnam getpwuid getservbyname getservbyport getsockname getsockopt getsockopt_float getsockopt_int getsockopt_optint gettimeofday getuid global_replace global_substitute gmtime green grid group_beginning group_end gt_big_int gt_num guard handle_unix_error hash hash_param hd header_size i id ignore in_channel_length in_channel_of_descr incr incr_num index index_from inet_addr_any inet_addr_of_string infinity infix_tag init init_class input input_binary_int input_byte input_char input_line input_value int int16_signed int16_unsigned int32 int64 int8_signed int8_unsigned int_of_big_int int_of_char int_of_float int_of_num int_of_string integer_num inter interactive inv invalid_arg is_block is_empty is_implicit is_int is_int_big_int is_integer_num is_relative iter iter2 iteri join junk key_pressed kill kind kprintf kscanf land last_chars layout lazy_from_fun lazy_from_val lazy_is_val lazy_tag ldexp le_big_int le_num length lexeme lexeme_char lexeme_end lexeme_end_p lexeme_start lexeme_start_p lineto link list listen lnot loadfile loadfile_private localtime lock lockf log log10 logand lognot logor logxor lor lower_window lowercase lseek lsl lsr lstat lt_big_int lt_num lxor magenta magic mainLoop major major_slice make make_formatter make_image make_lexer make_matrix make_self_init map map2 map_file mapi marshal match_beginning match_end matched_group matched_string max max_array_length max_big_int max_elt max_float max_int max_num max_string_length mem mem_assoc mem_assq memq merge min min_big_int min_elt min_float min_int min_num minor minus_big_int minus_num minus_one mkdir mkfifo mktime mod mod_big_int mod_float mod_num modf mouse_pos moveto mul mult_big_int mult_int_big_int mult_num nan narrow nat_of_num nativeint neg neg_infinity new_block new_channel new_method new_variable next nextkey nice nice no_scan_tag norm norm2 not npeek nth nth_dim num_digits_big_int num_dims num_of_big_int num_of_int num_of_nat num_of_ratio num_of_string O obj object_tag ocaml_version of_array of_channel of_float of_int of_int32 of_list of_nativeint of_string one openTk open_box open_connection open_graph open_hbox open_hovbox open_hvbox open_in open_in_bin open_in_gen open_out open_out_bin open_out_gen open_process open_process_full open_process_in open_process_out open_subwindow open_tag open_tbox open_temp_file open_vbox opendbm opendir openfile or os_type out_channel_length out_channel_of_descr output output_binary_int output_buffer output_byte output_char output_string output_value over_max_boxes pack params parent_dir_name parse parse_argv partition pause peek pipe pixels place plot plots point_color polar poll pop pos_in pos_out pow power_big_int_positive_big_int power_big_int_positive_int power_int_positive_big_int power_int_positive_int power_num pp_close_box pp_close_tag pp_close_tbox pp_force_newline pp_get_all_formatter_output_functions pp_get_ellipsis_text pp_get_formatter_output_functions pp_get_formatter_tag_functions pp_get_margin pp_get_mark_tags pp_get_max_boxes pp_get_max_indent pp_get_print_tags pp_open_box pp_open_hbox pp_open_hovbox pp_open_hvbox pp_open_tag pp_open_tbox pp_open_vbox pp_over_max_boxes pp_print_as pp_print_bool pp_print_break pp_print_char pp_print_cut pp_print_float pp_print_flush pp_print_if_newline pp_print_int pp_print_newline pp_print_space pp_print_string pp_print_tab pp_print_tbreak pp_set_all_formatter_output_functions pp_set_ellipsis_text pp_set_formatter_out_channel pp_set_formatter_output_functions pp_set_formatter_tag_functions pp_set_margin pp_set_mark_tags pp_set_max_boxes pp_set_max_indent pp_set_print_tags pp_set_tab pp_set_tags pred pred_big_int pred_num prerr_char prerr_endline prerr_float prerr_int prerr_newline prerr_string print print_as print_bool print_break print_char print_cut print_endline print_float print_flush print_if_newline print_int print_newline print_space print_stat print_string print_tab print_tbreak printf prohibit public_method_label push putenv quo_num quomod_big_int quote raise raise_window ratio_of_num rcontains_from read read_float read_int read_key read_line readdir readdir readlink really_input receive recv recvfrom red ref regexp regexp_case_fold regexp_string regexp_string_case_fold register register_exception rem remember_mode remove remove_assoc remove_assq rename replace replace_first replace_matched repr reset reshape reshape_1 reshape_2 reshape_3 rev rev_append rev_map rev_map2 rewinddir rgb rhs_end rhs_end_pos rhs_start rhs_start_pos rindex rindex_from rlineto rmdir rmoveto round_num run_initializers run_initializers_opt scanf search_backward search_forward seek_in seek_out select self self_init send sendto set set_all_formatter_output_functions set_approx_printing set_binary_mode_in set_binary_mode_out set_close_on_exec set_close_on_exec set_color set_ellipsis_text set_error_when_null_denominator set_field set_floating_precision set_font set_formatter_out_channel set_formatter_output_functions set_formatter_tag_functions set_line_width set_margin set_mark_tags set_max_boxes set_max_indent set_method set_nonblock set_nonblock set_normalize_ratio set_normalize_ratio_when_printing set_print_tags set_signal set_state set_tab set_tag set_tags set_text_size set_window_title setgid setgid setitimer setitimer setsid setsid setsockopt setsockopt setsockopt_float setsockopt_float setsockopt_int setsockopt_int setsockopt_optint setsockopt_optint setuid setuid shift_left shift_left shift_left shift_right shift_right shift_right shift_right_logical shift_right_logical shift_right_logical show_buckets shutdown shutdown shutdown_connection shutdown_connection sigabrt sigalrm sigchld sigcont sigfpe sighup sigill sigint sigkill sign_big_int sign_num signal signal sigpending sigpending sigpipe sigprocmask sigprocmask sigprof sigquit sigsegv sigstop sigsuspend sigsuspend sigterm sigtstp sigttin sigttou sigusr1 sigusr2 sigvtalrm sin singleton singleton sinh size size size_x size_y sleep sleep sleep slice_left slice_left slice_left_1 slice_left_2 slice_right slice_right slice_right_1 slice_right_2 snd socket socket socket socketpair socketpair sort sort sort sort sort sort sound split split split split split_delim sprintf sprintf sqrt sqrt sqrt_big_int square_big_int square_num sscanf stable_sort stable_sort stable_sort stable_sort stable_sort stable_sort stat stat stat stat stat stats stats std_formatter stdbuf stderr stderr stderr stdib stdin stdin stdin stdout stdout stdout str_formatter string string_after string_before string_match string_of_big_int string_of_bool string_of_float string_of_format string_of_inet_addr string_of_inet_addr string_of_int string_of_num string_partial_match string_tag sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub_big_int sub_left sub_left sub_left sub_num sub_right sub_right sub_right subset subset substitute_first substring succ succ succ succ succ_big_int succ_num symbol_end symbol_end_pos symbol_start symbol_start_pos symlink symlink sync synchronize system system system tag take tan tanh tcdrain tcdrain tcflow tcflow tcflush tcflush tcgetattr tcgetattr tcsendbreak tcsendbreak tcsetattr tcsetattr temp_file text_size time time time timed_read timed_write times times tl tl tl to_buffer to_channel to_float to_hex to_int to_int32 to_list to_list to_list to_nativeint to_string to_string to_string to_string to_string top top total_size transfer transp truncate truncate truncate truncate truncate truncate try_lock umask umask uncapitalize uncapitalize uncapitalize union union unit_big_int unlink unlink unlock unmarshal unsafe_blit unsafe_fill unsafe_get unsafe_get unsafe_set unsafe_set update uppercase uppercase uppercase uppercase usage utimes utimes wait wait wait wait wait_next_event wait_pid wait_read wait_signal wait_timed_read wait_timed_write wait_write waitpid waitpid waitpid white widen window_id word_size wrap wrap_abort write write write yellow yield zero zero zero zero zero_big_int Arg Arith_status Array Array Array1 Array2 Array3 ArrayLabels Big_int Bigarray Buffer Callback CamlinternalOO Char Complex Condition Dbm Digest Dynlink Event Filename Format Gc Genarray Genlex Graphics GraphicsX11 Hashtbl Hashtbl Int32 Int64 LargeFile LargeFile LargeFile Lazy Lexing List List ListLabels Make Make Make Make Make Make Make Map Map Marshal MoreLabels Mutex Nativeint Num Obj Oo Parsing Pervasives Printexc Printf Queue Random Scanf Scanning Set Sort Stack State StdLabels Str Stream String String StringLabels Sys Thread ThreadUnix Tk Unix UnixLabels Weak