' ' * " initialization start-of-selection get end-of-selection at top-of-page end-of-page LINE-SELECTION top-of-page at selection-screen at line-selection at user-command on value-request form endform define end-of-definition importing exporting exceptions using changing call function call transaction if else elseif endif case endcase when loop endloop while endwhile do enddo write write: concatenate add subtract multiply divide move translate move-corresponding delete insert select endselect update modify commit append collect describe format condense message exit perform with reject clear read not and or lt le gt ge eq ne co ca cs cn na ns cp np like type for in is = to constants data tables parameters types type-pools field-symbols select-options constants: data: tables: types: type-pools: field-symbols: ranges: ranges select-options: parameters: selection-screen sy-[a-z0-9]* initial