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shifting a block of text
Submitted by 999alfred on Friday, 25 March, 2011 - 04:48
Is it possible to "shift" a rectangular block of text?
What I mean is I select a rectangle start at say column 20 and running to column 30 and encompasses 20 lines and then I want to move it two tabs right, hit tab twice. Now If I try this my text is deleted. If I 'cut' the text, tab over and paste it puts the first line there, but all the descending lines are placed at the left edge and all the text originally between the text and the left margin is moved below the pasted test.

How do I all of it tab'ed over and not delete my text? Is it possible?

jedit search skip specified subdir
Submitted by jenuc on Tuesday, 22 March, 2011 - 16:52
Is it possible in Jedit to search in a directory and its subdirectories but with the possibility to omit some subdirectories from search path?

building my translation model
Submitted by pat4kin on Thursday, 17 March, 2011 - 14:54
I have now finished the first phase of the process of building a model to translate my texts from English into German. The first eBook using it, for phrase translations will be uploaded in the next days.
As I began the process of using jEdit to create the model, I was looking for an editor that would allow me to create a workspace concept.
I would now like to extend the model with a set of exe one-liners to perform certain tasks. For this I would like to use the language AWK or one of its derivatives.
I am using it on my MS-Win-XP-Home system under cygwin. It is useful but the architecture is sub-optimal. Is any work being done on an AWK plugin. I would provide with the work I am doing using scripts written by others.
I would like to hear from decision makers or knowledgable members.
Increase number of "previously entered strings" in file browser path field
Submitted by jamesd256 on Tuesday, 15 March, 2011 - 13:57

Title says it all. Can't find the option in properties or global config.

Many thanks,

Console Commandos dynamic CHOICE Element
Submitted by ZIOLele on Saturday, 5 March, 2011 - 15:48
Hello all,
is it possible to populate a choice element in a commando file dynamically? (as in running an external program and using it's output to create the options)

Thanks for your time.
Viewing Output with GSview as .pdf
Submitted by trisquirrelon on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 18:56
My Tutorial says that I can view a .pdf after compiling, once having defined the Default Viewer via Plugins->Plugin Options->LaTex tools->General Options I shall apply this path: C:/Programme/Ghostgum/Gsview/gsview32.exe
Unfortunately, opening Plugins->LaTeX Tools->View Output results in "path can not be found". How can I view my .tex file as .pdf?
See report below:
C:\Programme\jEdit> %kill
No process is currently running
cd "C:\Programme\jEdit\doc\myfiles"
C:/Programme/Ghostgum/Gsview/gsview32.exe 'C:\Programme\jEdit\doc\myfiles\pg15 RRZN manual exercise.pdf'
C:\Programme\jEdit\doc\myfiles> Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.
Process C:/Programme/Ghostgum/Gsview/gsview32.exe exited with code 1
Automatic formatting for CSS
Submitted by tp200 on Saturday, 26 February, 2011 - 20:02
We work on CSS with a group of people. Some like CSS in this format:


Others like this:

.style {
.style2 {

(this format should preferable even have indenting, which I can not type in this forum)

Is there a way to toggle this switch in jEdit, so that each programmer just hits a key and switches the formatting?

changing actions associated with menu-bar menu items
Submitted by ronw on Saturday, 26 February, 2011 - 04:04
I figured out writing macros to run ctags on a file when it is saved or closed with pending changes. I found where I can re-assign actions to tool-bar items, and to context menu items, but I can't find any way to re-assign actions in menu-bar menu items to use my macros.

I assume I am overlooking something.
SQL Editor to highlight syntax
Submitted by hillman on Thursday, 24 February, 2011 - 02:37
Folks, I am new to JEdit and operate off of my personal Mac book (in the corporate world I use Windows and it's set of tools). I have a need to write SQL on my Mac and would like an editor to highlight syntax statements for Oracle for example. I do not see a plug-in indicating SQL, what am I missing?

where does sidekickctags hide the ctags file?
Submitted by ronw on Wednesday, 23 February, 2011 - 17:02
I have looked many places to find the ctags generated by sidekickctags and can't find it. I would like to use those ctags files with the Tags extension since it provides some features that sidekick does not, but requires manually running ctags, so I was hoping I could just point it at the ones made by sidekickctags.
ProjectViewer question
Submitted by ronw on Sunday, 20 February, 2011 - 08:55
I assume I overlooked something (new to jEdit), but when I added a new project, even after explicitly selecting it, it would not appear in the dockable window's Folder, File or Compact File listings until after I quit then restarted jEdit.

I am using jEdit 4.3.2 with ProjectViewer 3.0.1 on Windows XP SP3.
How to jump to column #nnn?
Submitted by tobi_h on Monday, 14 February, 2011 - 12:41
Good day all,

I see how I can jump to a certain line in a document, but how can I jump to a column in such a line?

I have searched quite some time but found nothing...

Thx in advance for your time to comment,

greets, tobi Smiling
HTML 5 tags like 'header', 'nav', 'article' marked as errors, HTML 5 DOCTYPE doesn't work
Submitted by zapyon on Tuesday, 8 February, 2011 - 15:38

I am currently playing arround with HTML 5 and CSS 3, checking out their new features, and, of course, using jEdit for this.

When I use the new DOCTYPE definition of HTML 5

<!DOCTYPE html>

jEdit marks almost everything as bad XML/HTML.

If I use the old style

<!DOCTYPE html
PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

the old tags are recognised, but the new ones introduced with HTML 5 still get marked as errors, e.g. the ones mentioned in the subject line.

How can I setup jEdit in a way that it correctly accepts all HTML 5 tags and understands that new DOCTYPE definition, too?

I am currently using these jEdit plugins:
Common Controls
JDiff Plugin
Jakarta Commons
Jython Interpreter
Project Viewer



PS: I had to write this post twice. The first time, I had written the tags with their < and > and simply copied the plugin list from a saved plugin set file. When sending the post, I got a message the post was rejected and when going back to the previous screen in the browser, the post was lost. NOT NICE! Please warn before sending or enable editing the original text, or even offer an option to add HTML/XML text where required, in a form that is no security hazzard.
Number padding
Submitted by akovia on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011 - 19:06
Wanted to find an easy way to pad line numbers. I am using the numbering lines macro, and wanted to know how hard it would be to add an option to add padding, and possibly an input box to format the result with brackets or other symbols. I am not a programmer but am able to do what I want each time via regex. Just looking for an easier way. Reading over the beanshell help, it looks to be a little more than I could handle without some help.

how to make a literal1 with same color
Submitted by urih on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011 - 14:47
Hi there,

I use perl mode and see that a line which looks like:

print "\n\nEND !!! sleep $date print \n\n";

gets a pink color inside the " (quote) chars.
inside this quotes "$date" which is a perl keyword has a different color as defined in the rest of the code.

how is it possible to tweak this behavior so everything inside the string "....." is in the same highlight?


ProjectViewer: How to add a certain file?
Submitted by Axel on Thursday, 27 January, 2011 - 11:07

how can I add a certain file to ProjectViewer?

Up to jEdit4.3pre18 & ProjectViewer I pasted the file path into "Add Files from VFS" for getting the file listed in the ProjectViewer.

But now, with jedit 4.4 & ProjectViewer 3.1.0, "Add Files from VFS" seems to have disappeared and I can't find a way to add a certain file (besides those, which are created as "new"). - How do you do this?

If I remember right, I had the the same problem even with jedit 4.3.2, stable release.


Doesn't work:
Windows XP
jedit 4.4 Java 1.6.0_07
ProjectViewer 3.1.0

This works:
Windows XP (same system as above)
jedit 4.3pre18 Java 1.6.0_07
How to enable (X)HTML tag highlighting?
Submitted by mamboze on Monday, 24 January, 2011 - 02:47
I had to reinstall jEdit recently and I can't work out how to enable html tag highlighting showing the enclosed code block. At the moment, all I'm getting when I click on one of the angle brackets of a tag is the other one getting indicated with the cursor. This is not very useful when editing (X)HTML pages. Also, when editing a php file, how can I get the php specific tags to be highlighted differently to HTML?

Thanks in advance for any help.
X11 forwarding on a Mac
Submitted by lg on Friday, 21 January, 2011 - 17:47
I sometimes want to run jEdit on Mac A but display it on PC B. Other X11 applications simply can be forwarded through an ssh-tunnel but when I login into A from B with X11 forwarding enabled and run

% /Applications/


% java -jar /Applications/

the application is opened on A rather than B. Other X11 applications work as expected. I also have a linux machine C with jEdit. There is no problem at all running jEdit on this machine and display it on either A or B.

Is this a problem with jEdit or java? Or possibly Apple's X11 server?
Syntax error highlighting on save?
Submitted by greescom on Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 - 14:46
I used to do a lot of php coding with jedit & I'm sure that when you saved your document any syntax errors were highlighted in red & it told you at the bottom how many errors you had (with the "PHPParser" plugin installed).

I am now learing JAVA using jedit & I had assumed that same functionality would be included, However I am not getting any syntax errors at all in jedit for PHP or JAVA.

I have done a fresh install of Jedit so maybe I have messed something up?
incresing character size
Submitted by igonasu on Tuesday, 4 January, 2011 - 08:28
I don't understand why the character size is so small. This program is not accessible for me with reduced view - or -
How can i set the font size in jedit? I can see any function or help about that!
Thank-You for help!
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