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%META:TOPICINFO{author="PeterThoeny" date="1043914500" format="1.0" version="1.1"}% jEdit Community Wiki's Know web The knowledge base web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [] Peter Thoeny [] TWiki TWiki.Know TWiki.Know WebStatistics Statistics for Know Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: May 2018 3407 0 0 2498 ... 2018-05-11T07:55:00Z guest 1.978 updated major GeneralPublicLicense The essence of the GNU General Public License (GPL) is that it grants everyone the right to copy, modify, and distribute software as long the copies/modifications ... 2017-08-30T15:52:00Z guest 1.4 updated major DocCheck DocCheck is a doclet provided by Sun to check the completeness of your javadocs. It can be downloaded here: See ... 2008-12-31T18:14:00Z BjoernKautler 1.3 updated major ConcurrentVersionsSystem ConcurrentVersionsSystem (CVS) TOC jEdit's repository If you want to access jEdit's, visit id 588 jEdit's sourceforge project to ... 2004-11-07T19:13:00Z BradMace 1.3 updated major EnvironmentVariables Environment Variables TOC What are environment variables? Environment variables tell the computer how you want it to work, in a way that any program can access. The ... 2004-01-29T22:30:00Z BradMace 1.8 updated major InstallingJava Installing Java 1 Download the latest SDK or JRE from If you plan to do java development or to build jEdit from source, get ... 2004-01-26T15:45:00Z BradMace 1.5 updated major ExtremeProgramming ExtremeProgramming You can find an informative and entertaining discussion of ExtremeProgramming at 2004-01-24T07:48:00Z BradMace 1.2 updated major ApacheMaven TOC Maven I did some experimenting with Maven , and thought other developers might be interested. Maven vs Ant In ant, you define each task ... 2004-01-23T21:05:00Z BradMace 1.2 updated major UnitTesting Unit Testing UnitTesting is good. It helps prevent the (re)introduction of bugs. Java JUnit a nice, easy to use testing framework. JFC Unit A JUnit ... 2003-12-29T20:50:00Z BradMace 1.1 updated major GeekToys Geek Toys USB 2.0 Pen Drive Works without drivers on Mac OS 9, OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Linux. Reads Speed: 6.0 MB/sec Write Speed: 4.5 MB/sec Can be password ... 2003-11-19T22:04:00Z PeteProdoehl 1.3 updated major UsingGlassPanes Using GlassPanes Events ... 2003-09-04T01:19:00Z BradMace 1.4 updated major OpenSource Open Source Licenses GeneralPublicLicense LesserGeneralPublicLicense FreeDocumentationLicense ApacheSoftwareLicense BsdLicense 2003-08-28T05:59:00Z BradMace 1.2 updated major WebRss TWiki's Know web SCRIPTURL /view SCRIPTSUFFIX /Know The knowledge base web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. INCLUDE ... 2003-01-30T08:15:00Z thoeny 1.1 updated major ReadmeFirst If you are not familiar with the TWiki collaboration tool, please visit TWIKIWEB Welcome?Guest in the TWiki. TWIKIWEB web first. Note: The TWiki.Know web is for demonstration ... 2002-04-15T02:19:00Z thoeny 1.6 updated major WebTopicList TOPICLIST{" $name "} See also the verbose WebIndex. 2001-11-24T11:38:00Z thoeny 1.1 updated major WebForm Form Definition for the Know web Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: TopicClassification select 1 Select one..., NoDisclosure, PublicSupported, PublicFAQ Classify ... 2001-09-18T06:39:00Z thoeny 1.3 updated major

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Revision r1.1 - 30 Jan 2003 - 08:15 GMT - Peter Thoeny
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