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Jedit should provide a good standard font, which is suitable for programming purposes. The problem with the Monospaced font is that it is impossible (at least at my screen) to distinguish between

the number one 1 and the letter l

the number zero 0 and the letter O

which can be a burden. It took me quite some time to find a suitable font who met the following requirements:

- good readability:

On CRT, TFT monitors; at different font sizes especially with small font size (8,9,10,11,12); in bold and italic; when printing

- monospaced:

Spaces; normal font; bold font; italic font

- unambiguous letter-layout:

L l 1 i I | O o 0 Q (personally I like a dot in the 0 to distinguish it from a O)

- space saving, to get as much good readable code on a line as possible

The only font who meets my criteria is the (non-free?) 'Arial monospaced for SAP': which has the disadvantage that it does look ugly in italic.

-- Christian Goebel - 08 Jan 2005

I use the font Monaco at 10 points on Mac OS X. I can tell 1 from l and 0 from O very easily. I actually do not use any bold or italics in my editing though, I just use different colors.

-- Pete Prodoehl - 10 Jan 2005

See this URL for FMTYEWTK about the issue:

Monospace/Fixed Width Programmer's Fonts

Personally I'm using Bitstream Vera, as downloaded from the site. The TI font also looked nice, but I had problems scaling up (big monitor). This strikes me as a convenience issue, and while a good font is important (important enough for me to go looking) it's something that can best be handled with a chapter in the manual.

-- Austin Hastings - 10 Oct 2005

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