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Writing a totally accurate Edit Mode? isn't easy (not through any fault of jEdit's). It takes many revisions, and each change has the potential to cause another error. Having a JUnit-esque unit testing framework for Edit Mode? highlighting would be a huge help to make sure that Edit Modes? keep improving. Clever users could even submit test cases with their bug reports.

I realize this isn't like to happen but I thought I'd throw this out there in case someone decides to jump on it.

My initial thoughts on implementation would be a plugin that opens a test file and probes the jEdit Text Area?, using test cases written in Bean Shell.

Another idea is to write a plugin which is like Code2HTML but outputs XML (, tags, etc). Then you can just compare the edit mode's current output for some input with "known good" output.

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Status: Requested
Implementation: Undecided

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Revision r1.2 - 23 Dec 2003 - 19:49 GMT - Slava Pestov
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