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Installing jEdit

If you don't have a java runtime installed, start with Installing Java.

You can download jEdit at regardless of your OS. System specific installers are available for different operation systems.


Either download the Windows installer or the jEdit install jar. The system specific installer lets you install jEdit like any other Windows program, provided that you have Java installed (Installing Java).

For the jEdit install jar: If double clicking on the jar does not start the installer, follow these steps:

  1. Open 'My Computer' and go to Tools->Folder Options
  2. go to the 'File Types' tab
  3. Create or modify the entry for 'JAR' files to open with the javaw program in your $JAVA_HOME/bin directory
  4. you should now be able to double click the install jar to install jEdit.
or follow the instructions on

Mac classic

Mac support for java stopped with jdk 1.1.x, but current versions of jEdit only work with java 1.3.x and java 1.4.x. However, if you've just got to have jEdit on your old mac, you can use jEdit 3.2.2 which works with java 1.1.x.

Mac OS X

You can either download and install with the Mac OS X package or the system independant jEdit install jar.


You can either download the Debian package directly or

add these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./
then apt-get update followed by apt-get install jedit

Free BSD

jEdit is in the Ports tree under: /usr/ports/editors/jedit

The current development version of jEdit is in the Ports tree under: /usr/ports/editors/jedit-devel

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