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Introduction to jEdit's Source Code

Hopefully this page will help people who are just writing their first macro or plugin to get familiar with the structure of jEdit's source code. Some of this will probably overlap with Gui Components.

jEdit's main class is jEdit. It's the starting point for getting a hold of various components and changing preferences. Like most of the jEdit code that new developers will want to find, it's in the org.gjt.sp.jedit package.

Each window in jEdit is an instance of the View class. Each text area you see in a View is an instance of JEditTextArea, each of which is contained in its own EditPane. Files are represented by the Buffer class.

If you want to print out debugging or error messages to the activity log, use the Log class.

If you're writing a plugin that listens to Edit Bus? messages, its main class will have to extend EBPlugin so that it will receive subclasses of EBMessage which are contained in the org.gjt.sp.jedit.msg package.

Classes of interest to developers

Class Macros Plugins
jEdit · ·
View · ·
EditPane · ·
Buffer · ·
JEditTextArea · ·
EBMessage   ·

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