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Dynamic List

Plugin Page Maintainer(s) SourceForge Username
AStyle AStyle Plugin Dirk Moebius?, Tal Davidson?  
Ant Viz Ant Viz Plugin Joerg Winter?  
Antelope Antelope Plugin Dale Anson danson
Archive Archive Plugin Andre Kaplan  
Background Background Plugin Andre Kaplan  
Buffer Selector Buffer Selector Andre Kaplan  
Buffer Tabs Buffer Tabs Andre Kaplan, Jason Ginchereau?, A. Robert  
Character Map Character Map Slava Pestov spestov
Check Style? Check Style Plugin Todd Papaioannou?  
Class Wizard Class Wizard Phillip Mateescu?, Dominic Stolerman?  
Clear Case? Plugin Clear Case Plugin Ken Gentry?  
Clipper Clipper Plugin Andre Kaplan  
Code Browser Code Browser Gerd Knops?  
Column Ruler Column Ruler Brad Mace bemace
Comment Folder Comment Folder Brad Mace bemace
Common Controls Common Controls Sergey Udaltsov?, Dale Anson, Dirk Moebius?  
Configurable Fold Handler Configurable Fold Handler Chris Kent?  
Console Console Plugin Slava Pestov spestov
Context Help Context Help Klaus Hartlage?, Cyril Raphanel?  
CT Plugin Ct Plugin Giovanni Voto?  
DB Terminal Database Terminal Brad Mace bemace
Debugger Debugger Plugin Dirk Moebius?, Todd Papaioannou?  
Dict Dict Plugin Israel Olalla? iolalla
Docker Docker Plugin Calvin Yu  
Dot Complete Dot Complete Beau Tateyama? btateyama
Drag and Drop Drag And Drop Carmine Lucarelli, Denis Lambot?, Greg Merrill?  
EBrowse EBrowse Plugin Beau Tateyama? btateyama
Editor Scheme Editor Scheme Ollie Rutherfurd orutherfurd
Error List Error List Slava Pestov spestov
Fader Tabs Fader Tabs Chris Samuels  
Fast Open Fast Open Jiger Patel  
Fin Fin Plugin Dale Anson danson
Find File Find File Nicholas OLeary  
FTP Ftp Plugin Slava Pestov spestov
Gruntspud Gruntspud Plugin Brett Smith?  
Headlines Headlines Plugin John Watson  
Hex Edit Hex Edit Brad Mace bemace
Hex Hex Plugin Andre Kaplan  
Includes Parser Includes Parser Dusty Phillips?  
Info Viewer Info Viewer Dirk Moebius?  
IRC Irc Plugin    
JBrowse JBrowse Plugin Andre Kaplan, George Latkiewicz?  
JCompiler JCompiler Plugin Dirk Moebius?, Kevin Burton?, Aziz Sharif?, Dominic Stolerman?  
JCounter JCounter Plugin Brad Mace  
Jcrontab JCrontab Plugin Israel Olalla?  
JDiff JDiff Plugin Mark Wickens murkles
JDoc JDoc Plugin Robert Swarr?  
JExplorer JExplorer Plugin Amedeo Farello?  
JImporter JImporter Plugin Matthew Flower?  
JIndex JIndex Plugin Dirk Moebius?, Stefano Maestri?  
jMessenger JMessenger Brad Mace  
JSwat Plugin JSwat Plugin Stefano Maestri?, David Taylor? maeste
JTidy JTidy Plugin Andre Kaplan  
JTools JTools Plugin Robert Fletcher rfletch6
JUnit Plugin JUnit Plugin Calvin Yu, Andre Kaplan cyu
Jakarta Commons Jakarta Commons Konstantin Pribluda?  
Jalopy Jalopy Plugin Marco Hunsicker?  
Jane Jane Plugin Calvin Yu  
Jasper Reports Jasper Reports Teodor Danciu?  
Java Insight Java Insight Andre Kaplan, Dirk Moebius?, Kevin Burton?  
Java Refactor Java Refactor Danny Dig?  
Java Style Java Style Dirk Moebius?, Chris Sequin?  
Jazzy Jazzy Plugin Anthony Roy ant-roy
Jinni Console Jinni Console Wolfgang Chico Toepfer?  
Jump Jump Plugin Pavel Lysov?  
JVM Stats Jvm Stats Uzi Landsmann  
Jython Interpreter Jython Interpreter Carlos Quiroz?  
LaTeX Tools La Te XTools Anthony Roy ant-roy
Latex Outline Latex Outline Soren Bak?  
Lazy 8 Ledger Lazy Eight Ledger Thomas Dilts?  
Lazy Importer Lazy Importer Matt Etheridge matt_etheridge
Line Guides Line Guides Mike Dillon mdillon
Log Viewer Log Viewer Don Brown?  
Look and Feel Look And Feel Calvin Yu, Jamie La Scolea?, Dirk Moebius?  
Macro Manager Macro Manager Carmine Lucarelli carmine
Memento Memento Plugin Greg Cooper?, Michael Taft?  
Mouse Snap Mouse Snap Carlos Quiroz?  
Navigator Navigator Plugin Dale Anson  
Net Rexx Je Net Rexx Je Satguru Srivastava?  
Outline Outline Plugin Brad Mace bemace
  Plugin Page Template    
PMD Pmd Plugin Tom Copeland?  
Project Viewer Project Viewer Stefan Kost?, Matthew Payne?, Marcelo Vanzin  
Prolog Console Prolog Console Giulio Piancastelli?  
Quick Notepad Quick Notepad Slava Pestov spestov
RE Test RETest Plugin Steve Jakob? sjakob
Radical Radical Plugin Richard Hall?  
Rename Rename Plugin Brad Mace bemace
River North Plugin River North Plugin    
Send Buffer Send Buffer Slava Pestov spestov
Sessions Sessions Plugin Steve Jakob?, Dirk Moebius?  
SNAP Snap Plugin    
Source Control Source Control Stuart Barlow? sgbarlow
Spell Check Spell Check Scott Willy?  
SQL Plugin Sql Plugin Sergey VUdaltsov svu
Super Script Super Script Jiger Patel  
Switch Buffer Switch Buffer Lee Turner leeturner
Templates Templates Plugin Steve Jakob?, Calvin Yu  
Tomcat Switch Tomcat Switch Amedeo Farello afarello
Vimulator Vimulator Plugin Mike Dillon  
Wheel Mouse Wheel Mouse Dominic Stolerman?, Scott Wyatt?  
Word Completion Word Completion   blizzy
XInsert XInsert Plugin Dominic Stolerman?  
XSearch XSearch Plugin Rudi Widmann?  
XML Indenter Xml Indenter Robert Mc Kinnon  
Xrefactory Xrefactory Plugin Marian Vittek?  

the dynamic list is generated based on the data in the Plugins web. It's much better.

old static list

Plugin Maintainer(s) SourceForge Username
Antelope Plugin Dale Anson danson
Ant Farm? James Wilson jiwils
Ant Helper? Beau Tateyama? btateyama
Ant Viz Plugin Joerg Winter?  
Archive Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
AStyle Plugin Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Axis Helper? Kevin Mc Whirter?  
Background Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
Buffer List? Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Buffer Selector Andre Kaplan akaplan
Buffer Tabs Andre Kaplan akaplan
Character Map Slava Pestov spestov
Check Style Plugin Todd Papaioannou? luckyspin
Class Wizard Dominic Stolerman?  
Clear Case Plugin Ken Gentry?  
Clipper Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
Code To HTML? Andre Kaplan akaplan
Code Aid? Andre Kaplan akaplan
Code Browser Gerd Knops? gerti
Code Lint? Jiger Patel jigerjava
Column Ruler Brad Mace bemace
Common Controls Sergey Udaltsov? svu
Configurable Fold Handler Chris Kent?  
Console Plugin Slava Pestov spestov
Context Help Klaus Hartlage?, Cyril Raphanel? khartlage
Ct Plugin Giovanni Voto?  
Debugger Plugin Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Dict Plugin Israel Olalla? iolalla
Drag And Drop Carmine Lucarelli carmine
Docker Plugin Calvin Yu cyu
Dot Complete Beau Tateyama? btateyama
EBrowse Plugin    
Editor Scheme Ollie Rutherfurd orutherfurd
Error List Slava Pestov spestov
Fader Tabs Chris Samuels  
Fast Open Jiger Patel jigerjava
Ftp Plugin Slava Pestov spestov
Gruntspud Plugin    
Headlines Plugin   jwatson
Hex Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
Hex Edit Brad Mace bemace
Includes Parser Dusty Phillips?  
Info Viewer Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Irc Plugin Alex Kli aklimets
Jalopy Plugin Marco Hunsicker?  
Jane Plugin Calvin Yu cyu
Java Insight Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Java Style Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Jazzy Plugin Anthony Roy ant-roy
JBrowse Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
JCompiler Plugin Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
JCounter Plugin Brad Mace bemace
JCrontab Plugin Israel Olalla? iolalla
JDiff Plugin Andre Kaplan akaplan
JDoc Plugin Robert Swarr?  
JExplorer Plugin Amedeo Farello? afarello
JImporter Plugin Matt Flower? mattflower
JIndex Plugin Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Jinni Console Wolfgang Chico-Töpfer  
j Messenger Brad Mace bemace
JSwat Plugin Stefano Maestri? maeste
JTools Plugin Rob Fletcher? rfletcher
Jump Plugin Pavel Lysov?  
Jvm Stats Uzi Landsmann  
Jython Interpreter   tibu
Latex Outline Soren Bak?  
La Te XTools Anthony Roy ant-roy
Lazy Eight Ledger Thomas Dilts?  
Lazy Importer Matt Etheridge matt_etheridge
Line Guides Mike Dillon mdillon
Log Viewer Anthony Roy  
Look And Feel    
Macro Manager Carmine Lucarelli  
Memento Plugin Greg Cooper?, Michael Taft?  
Mouse Snap Carlos Quiroz?  
Net Rexx Je Satguru Srivastava?  
Open It? Matt Etheridge matt_etheridge
Pmd Plugin Tom Cope Land?, Jiger Patel jigerjava
Project Viewer    
Prolog Console Giulio Piancastelli?  
Py Utils?   tibu
Quick Notepad Slava Pestov spestov
RETest Plugin Steve Jakob? sjakob
Sessions Plugin Dirk Moebius? dmoebius
Side Kick? Slava Pestov spestov
Source Control Stuart Barlow? sgbarlow
Speed Java?   ensonic
Spell Check Scott Willy? cswilly
Sql Plugin Sergey Udaltsov? svu
Super Script Jiger Patel jigerjava
Switch Buffer Lee Turner leeturner
Tags Plugin? Ollie Rutherfurd orutherfurd
Task List? Ollie Rutherfurd orutherfurd
Templates Plugin Steve Jakob? sjakob
Text Tools? Mike Dillon mdillon
Tomcat Switch Amedeo Farello? afarello
Vimulator Plugin Mike Dillon mdillon
White Space? Andre Kaplan akaplan
Word Completion   blizzy
XInsert Plugin Dominic Stolerman?  
Xml Plugin? Slava Pestov spestov
XPTracker? Brad Mace bemace
Xrefactory Plugin Marian Vittek?  
XSearch Plugin Rudi Widmann?  
Xslt Plugin? Rob Mc Kinnon?  

This list is based on cvs records and plugin documentation but I'm sure there are some errors, so correct them if you find them. Also some of them are probably obsolete and that should be indicated somehow. The sourceforge usernames are useful when submitting plugin bugs.

-- Brad Mace - 13 Aug 2003

Made all plugin links to internal Wiki links part of the Plugins web.

-- Alex Kli - 14 Aug 2003

Wiki tip: wiki links to other webs won't display the web name, so Plugins.TaskList automatically becomes Task List?

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