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BBEdit's function menu can be replaced with the Code Browser plugin (and Exuberant Tags.)

BBEdit's Glossary feature can be replaced by the Templates Plugin, the Clipper Plugin, or the XInsert Plugin.

The Text Tools plugin can replace the Sort Lines plugin for BBEdit.

The TextFilter plugin can do what BBEdit does with Perl Scripts, using them for filters, etc.

The JTidy Plugin can replace the Tidy HTML plugin for BBEdit.

BBEdit has a folder for Startup Items that can run Apple Scripts? on start up. jEdit has a startup folder that can run Bean Shell macros on start up.

BBEdit's Find Differences command can be replaced with the JDiff plugin.

(Note: These notes are based on BBEdit 6.1.2, the most recent version I've used.)

-- Pete Prodoehl - 19 Aug 2003

There is a BBEdit scheme for jEdit which uses the default text colors that come preset with BBEdit.

-- Pete Prodoehl - 19 Dec 2003

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