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Switching from UltraEdit to jedit

General aspects

First the positive news: jEdit provides all the features, UltraEdit has and jEdit can even do more ....

jEdit is a very powerful and modular editor. Many features are already included in jedits core others are included in plugins! To install plugins goto: plugins -> plugin manager. There you can add the plugins you need

UltraEdit jEdit
macros same in jedit, but additionally you can write your own macros (in beanshell syntax, very similar to Java) or discover many-many macros already available
syntax highlighting jEdit provides a much more powerful syntax-highlighting engine based on a XML files. Syntax highlighting is available for many languages
project management use Project Viewer plugin
execute dos commands use Console plugin, which provides many features to execute command and has a lot of presets for different environments. Further more there are more specialized plugins available: JCompiler (lets you compile java files in background), Ant Farm for executing ant build files (by the way ant provides a platform-independent makefile)
html tidy use JTidy plugin
ruler The Column Ruler plugin was created in response to a request for this feature, and now has many niceties that the UltraEdit ruler doesn't
Column mode by default jEdit starts each line indented the same as the last line. CTRL-Drag to do a rectangular selection
Hex Edit the Hex Edit plugin provides basic hex editing but is not quite as nice as UltraEdit's yet. Maybe you'd like to help develop it?
ASCII Table use the Character Map plugin
Function List use the Code Browser plugin, or StructureBrowser (Side Kick), or JBrowse Plugin (java only)
Show spaces/tabs use the White Space plugin
Tag List use the Xml Plugin for XML and HTML auto-completion
Bookmarks these are called Markers in jEdit

What UltraEdit can't do, but jEdit can ....

jEdit provides many features UltraEdit doesn't even know about

-- Martin Fischbach - 27 Aug 2003

Has anybody implemented a color scheme for jEdit, that simulates the coloring style of UltraEdit?
(so that former UltraEdit users feel even more at home smile )

-- Franz Josef Silli - 07 Oct 2003

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