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jEdit Feature Wish List

Feature short Description Proposed by Status To Do
Per Dockable Width? Each dockable can have variable width. So 1 Dockable might be less opened than the other Jiger Patel featurerequest ?
Indent Continuation Lines More intelligent indentation Jouko Holopainen suggestion ?
Cursor Beyond EOFEOL Ability to move cursor beyond EOL / EOF Teun Kloosterman suggestion ?
Plugin Grouping   Sascha Brossmann suggestion ?
Macintosh Integration Suggestions for improving jEdit's integration with Mac OS X Trevor Harmon suggestion ?
Auto Insert Closing Braces   ? suggestion ?
Collapsable Block Comments?   ? suggestion ?
Move Selected Lines? Move selected lines up/down ? suggestion ?
Click On Method? Click on method, go to method's definition ? suggestion ?
Multi Docking Multiple dockables visible on a side Multiple People suggestion ?
Deprecated Token Type   Brad Mace suggestion more details
Indicate Delegated Text   ? suggestion ?
Auto Configuration Create configuration profiles including plugins and properties Alex Kli suggestion more details, answer open questions
Abbreviations Design expansion of the abbreviation features Martin Fischbach design still need further comments
Mouse Gestures control jEdit with mouse gestures Brad Mace design ?
Control Structure Diagram Diagrams at the side showing if while for etc Michael Toal suggestion ?
Wrap To Window Wrap to window width instead of fixed column Matt Chaput, Pete Prodoehl suggestion Should be in 4.3
Column Mode Modifier Use modifier key instead of rectangular mode Eric Mahurin suggestion ?
Edit Mode Testing Framework Unit testing for edit modes Brad Mace suggestion ?
Draggable Menu Items Drag macros in menu to sort them Brad Mace suggestion ?
Html Validator Plugin validate html/css and output to Error List Brad Mace suggestion ?
Rename Buffer Provide option to rename open buffers Trevor Harmon suggestion ?
Core Editor Suggestions for improvements to the core editor Trevor Harmon suggestion ?
Multiple Instances Provide option to allow multiple instances of jEdit to run Trevor Harmon suggestion ?
Word Wrap Plugin A plugin for manually word wrapping text as needed Trevor Harmon suggestion ?
Font Mode Property text font settable on per mode basis, not just global Dave Hein featurerequest ?
Changing Standard Font Use standard font with unambiguous signs Christian Goebel suggestion ?

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