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Working On Someone Elses Plugin

So you want to work on a plugin someone else wrote? Excellent. Most plugin authors will welcome a little help. You can check the guidelines file in CVS to see what the policy is for contributing to that plugin. You can also check the list of Plugin Maintainers to see who might be working on it right now. If there's anyone listed, you should probably send them an email and find out what their plans are, and let them know what you're planning. They might even be working on the feature you want already.

Before you can start hacking, you'll need to get the source code for the plugin. Most plugins keep their code in the jEdit repository for just such an occasion. If not, you'll have to ask around. The plugin's page in the Plugins web may tell you where to go.

Once you've finished your awesome new version, you'll hopefully want to release it so others can use it. It is much better to commit your changes back to cvs and do a Plugin Central release than to create your own fork and upload it to some random web page. That way, the next time someone need to add something to the plugin, they won't have to recreate your changes too. Plugin Central releases also have the major advantage of being available through jEdit's Plugin Manager.

If there are other people active on the plugin, you should talk with them to decide who will do the release. If you took over an unmaintained plugin, you can go straight to Releasing Plugins.

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