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AStyle Plugin The AStyle Beautifier Plugin formats and beautifies Java, C and C++ source code, using a platform independent version of Artistic Style (also known as astyle), the Open Source Code Beautifier, written by Tal Davidson (see The plugin optionally formats source code automatically, when the current buffer is saved. For this to work, the buffer must be in &#34java&#34, &#34c&#34 or &#34c++&#34 mode.
| Ant Farm | The AntFarm plugin allows developers to build projects from within jEdit using Apache's Ant utility.

Ships with Ant version 1.5, but can easily be made to work with Ant 1.6 by replacing the ant.jar in the $jedit/jars directory with ant.jar from the $ant_1.6/lib directory, and adding ant-launcher.jar from the $ant_1.6/lib directory to the $jedit/jars directory. |

Ant Helper helps other jEdit plug-ins leverage the information provided in a project's Ant build file
Ant Viz Plugin Ant Viz? is a graphical Ant-script-dependency viewer and -debugger, implemented as a jEdit-plugin. All targets and their dependencies are displayed as a directed graph. This graph visualizes the sequence of what will be done when the script is run. Step-through debugging of targets is possible.
Antelope Plugin Antelope is an application for running Ant. It can run as either a stand-alone GUI application or as a jEdit plugin. The project home page is at and that is also where the on-line documentation is located. Ant must be installed separately.
Archive Plugin The Archive plugin provides a jEdit VFS for browsing the contents of tar and zip archives and opening the files they contain as jEdit buffers. More precisely, Archive supports *.jar, *.zip, *.tar, *.tar.gz, and *.tar.bz2 archives. Browsing and viewing nested archives is also supported.
Axis Helper The &#34AxisHelper&#34 plug-in provides a generator for Axis coding projects in Java. The current implementation only generates client side stub classes, but given enough interest in the plug-in more will be coming. Please see the Todo section for a list of current ideas.
Background Plugin Background lets you configure a background image for the main jEdit text area. It also features some basic blend options (&#34tinted glass&#34 effect).
Buffer List The Buffer List shows the lists of currently open files and the list of recent files in a window, that may be docked permanently into jEdit's view. The lists are displayed in a tree fashion style.
Buffer Selector The Buffer Selector plugin provides a strip of buttons along the bottom of the jEdit view that allows you to change the Buffer in the current Edit Pane?. It also indicates the state of all open buffers by means of a small graphic to the left of the Buffer's name.
Buffer Tabs This plugin adds a set of tabbed-pane style tabs to the jEdit text area. The tabs show all buffers currently open in jEdit, so clicking on a tab will easily switch to that buffer. The tabs can be placed on any of the four sides of the text area.
Character Map The character map plugin displays a window showing all ASCII and extended-ASCII characters. Clicking one will insert it in the buffer.
Check Style Plugin Check Style? is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. It automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task. This makes it ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard.
Class Wizard The Class Wizard provides a GUI that facilitates quickly creating class files for various languages (Java, PHP, etc.). For each language, it offers language-specific features (e.g. import of abstract methods for Java) and method editors.
Clear Case Plugin Rational Clear Case? source code control plugin supports Checkin, Checkout, Add to Source Control, Undo Checkout, Compare to Previous Version, History, Version Tree, Update Buffer, Find Checkouts, Show Details and Merge. Also provides direct access to Cleartool utility from the Console window to allow doing just about all other things Clear Case?-related.
Clipper Plugin This plugin provides access to libraries of convenient text clips (e.g. HTML tags, programming constructs etc) that can be inserted into a buffer. Clipper is distributed with some clip libraries, although new user-defined libraries can easily be added.
Code Aid Code Aid is a code completion tool for Java programmers. It gives a pop-up list of possible field or method names when &#34.&#34 is typed after a variable name, or the menu item &#34complete&#34 is selected in the middle of a method/constructor/field name. If you choose &#34Automatically show Java completion popups&#34 in the options, the completions are shown automaticly after a delay. It also completes partially typed methods/identifier/classes. The name can then be selected from the list, and/or completed with the &#34Tab&#34 or &#34Enter&#34 key.
Code Browser The Code Browser plugin contains a buffer switcher and a code browser within a split pane. The buffer switcher can be hidden by moving the divider all the way up, or by clicking the small up-handle. The code browser simplifies navigating source code of any programming language supported by the Exuberant C Tags program.
Code Lint Code Lint is a Lint Plugin for JEdit that can identify syntax & semantic errors in your Java & C/C++ source code & Class files. Code Lint can detect numerous bugs/errors/inconsistancies that are not detected by your compiler. It can identify casual errors such as wrong hex/octal/char value to wrong assumption about operator precedence, finalize method not calling super.finalize to Critical Errors/Bugs like possible deadlock conditions in your code & a lot more.
Code To HTML The Code2HTML plugin transforms the currently edited jEdit source file or the current selection into an equivalent HTML file.
Column Ruler Provides a ruler above the text area which marks off columns and indicates which column the caret is at, the column where text is wrapped, and the column range of selections.
Comment Folder  
Common Controls The Common Controls plugin provides a common set of enhanced Swing components intended for use by other jEdit plugins.
Configurable Fold Handler The Configurable Fold Handler plugin adds a new fold handler to jEdit that allows the user to specify the strings that define the start and end of a fold. Different fold strings can be defined for each edit mode and each open buffer.
Console Plugin The Console plugin allows jEdit to execute arbitrary commands from an internal shell.
Context Help The Context Help plugin is a framework for integrating jEdit mode dependent (i.e. java, xml, php,...) beanshell scripts into jEdit. In particular the plugin contains beanshell examples for calling windows help files for java, javascript and php.
Ct Plugin The CTPlugin is intended for JSP Developers who make extensive use of custom tags libraries. It provides a clear interface which allows the developers to browse a custom tag library, select a tag, edit it, and insert it in the JSP page. Requires the Xerces XML parser.
Database Terminal  
Debugger Plugin The Debugger plugin integrates a debugger into jEdit, utilizing the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) of the Java Development Kit. Note that jEdit must be run on a Java Development Kit (JDK), not a Java Runtime Environment for the debugger to show up (ie. tools.jar must be there; jEdit should find it automatically).
Dict Plugin This plugin searches the word(s) you give it in the dictionary. Basically implements client side of RFC 2229 and allows the user to search in 12 Data Bases?.
Docker Plugin The Docker plugin provides some extra docking features not available by the jEdit core. Extra features include: dock auto-hiding, popup to cycle through docks, and a toggle all docks shortcut.
Dot Complete Dot Complete is a Java code assistance plug-in that provides help when a period (dot) is typed. It incorporates Code Aid's Java CC parser and expression finder; Speed Java's design and popup triggering code; jEdit's Complete-Word popup, and Ant Helper's class management.
Drag And Drop The Drag And Drop plugin allows files to be opened in jEdit by simply dragging them into the text area from a file manager, desktop, or other application. Does not work on all combinations of platform/JDK.
EBrowse Plugin The EBrowse plugin provides functionality similar to the Fast Open and Switch Buffer Plugins. That is, a keyboard centric means to open files and switch buffers, however this plugin, as the name implies, has an Emacs flavor to it. For the most part, it mimics the behavior of the Emacs file/buffer interface, but appears as a dialog window.
Editor Scheme Editor Scheme is a plugin for jEdit that lets one easily switch between color schemes for jEdit's syntax highlighting.
Error List The Error List plugin provides one-click access, and on-the-spot highlighting of errors generated by Edit Bus?-aware packages, such as the Console.
Fader Tabs The Fader Tabs plugin provides a dockable tabbed pane of recently used buffers. Tabs are colour coded, and feature customizable pop-up menus.
Fast Open Fast Open is a plugin designed to quickly open any file in the current project by just typing in the first few characters of the filename you want to open. Besides quickly opening any file, it has a lot of features like switching between projects, indicating invalid filenames etc.
Fin Plugin Fin is a unit testing application for Java. It is similar to JUnit in that it promotes unit testing. It is different from JUnit in that it does not require separate classes for unit tests, rather, the tests are written as part of the code to be tested.
| Find File | This plugin allows you to search within a filesystem for any files that match a given filter.

Results are displayed in a Hypersearch-style pane, which provides the ability to perform further actions on the files. |

Ftp Plugin The FTP plugin plugs into jEdit's virtual filesystem to allow transparent access to FTP servers. It integrates with the filesystem browser (hence you can do things like add favorites which point to remote servers, and such), caches remote directory listings for improved performance, remembers passwords, and has optional support for passive-mode FTP.
Gruntspud Plugin Gruntspud is a graphical CVS client. It uses the CVS client library from Net Beans? as its core and currently supports about 90% of the commands that this library provides (see the RELEASE_NOTES.txt file in the source distribution for detail as to which commands are currently supported).
Headlines Plugin The Headlines plugin allows you to view the content of any RSS or RDF XML data feed on the net within jEdit. This includes a great many blogs and news sites including Slashdot, Metafilter, CNet,, Salon, and many more. Features: should be compatible with any RSS or RDF content feed, easy to setup (just feed the URL to the option panel and it figures out the name and description of the feed), assign shortcuts to common actions like showing the next/previous feed and refreshing the current feed, data is cached for a configurable amount of time to avoid unecessary refreshes, configurable display options, content can be extracted to a buffer in plain text form or XML, uses the Infoviewer plugin to enable hyperlinking to articles.
Hex Edit Provides basic hex-editing functionality
Hex Plugin The Hex plugin dumps a file in hexadecimal form.
Includes Parser Includes Parser was designed to add "Includes Capabilities" to HTML pages. Basically, it allows you to define strings in HTML files that effectively say "Include the contents of file x here". The input files are parsed for strings that contain these directives, and any that contain a valid filename are replaced with the contents of the file.
Info Viewer Info Viewer is a replacement for the jEdit builtin Help Viewer? (in fact, it is based on the same code written by Slava Pestov). It contains a mini web browser, but you can also configure it to use an external browser.
Irc Plugin The IRC plugin provides a simple IRC client for jEdit in a dockable window.
JBrowse Plugin The &#34JBrowse&#34 plug-in provides a highly customizable tool for navigating through Java source code. It displays a navigation window which uses a tree view to display the hierarchy of classes, interfaces, methods and (optionally) attributes for the file in the current buffer. This includes the ability to display nested classes and interfaces and their members, implements and extends information for classes and interfaces, and throws information for methods. A single mouse click on one of the nodes in the tree will move to and highlight the line in the jEdit buffer where the definition of that item begins.
JCompiler Plugin The JCompiler plugin allows for compiling java source files IN-PROCESS. It does not start a new javac process and is therefore much faster than compiling in an external process. It will also include the directory where the source file resides in the CLASSPATH during compilation. It can compile a single file or the whole current package. It will also optionally save the current buffer or all open buffers before beginning compilation.
JCounter Plugin Computes statistics for sets of source files
JCrontab Plugin Jcrontab Plugin? provides a system to run Classes/Threads/main/EJB/Methods/nativePrograms... at a given time.
JDiff Plugin JDiff Plugin is a visual diff utility for jEdit.
JDoc Plugin The JDoc Plugin provides configuration and persistance of Javadoc command line arguments and execution of the utility within jEdit. Command line arguments are configured through either the Utilities->Global Options->Plugin Options->Javaodc menu selection or a Plugins->Javadoc->Javadoc Options menu selection. The configured command line arguments are persisted in a property file. The Javadoc utility can be executed with a Plugins->Javadoc->Execute Javadoc menu item. The JDoc Plugin facilitates development of Javadoc by allowing the programmer to generate Javadoc while editing the source files and writing comments.
jEdit Cvs The jEditCvs plugin is a simple CVS client for jEdit. It runs as a console shell, allowing various commands to be executed on the current buffer. It supports pserver authentication only. It runs completely independent of any other cvs client, so no other software is required for operation. Commands are also provided to allow diffs run through JDiff.
JExplorer Plugin The JExplorer plugin is a Java code browser. Starting from a Project Viewer plugin project, it can analyze the Java source files in it and build a "model", which is then used to navigate the code. It combines lists, trees and graphs to help comprehension of code structure and to rapidly locate classes, interfaces, fields, constructors and methods. Items can be searched in a global index by typing the first letters of their names. Bi-directional navigation of source code and many visualization options are available.
JImporter Plugin The JImporter plugin speeds your development of Java classes by allowing you to easily import classes that you don't already know the package for. JImporter includes functionality to allow you to easily sort your import statements in the order that you prefer, allowing for maximum flexibility.
JIndex Plugin The JIndex plugin enables jEdit to show the Java Doc? API html documentation on the currently selected word, with a single key press, in a browser of your choice. You can index the class, method and field names of all the libraries that you frequently use, including, rt.jar and swingall.jar. After you have created an index, you can execute the 'JIndex on current word' command and JIndex will search in the index for the current word, that the cursor is on. If an entry is found, it will display the appropiate Java Doc? URL in your browser. If there are more than one entries on this word, you will be presented a choose dialog.
JMessenger An MSN messenger client for jEdit
JSwat Plugin The JSwat Plugin integrates the JSwat debugger into jEdit. Includes JSwat 2.8 in plugin version 1.2 or higher; JSwat 1.4 in earlier versions. The original JSwat code was written by Nathan Fiedler and released under the GPL. The original code can be found at
JTidy Plugin JTidy Plugin integrates the HTML Tidy utility into jEdit. JTidy Plugin will help you check for errors in your HTML/XML files and also correct them.
JTools Plugin The JTools plugin provides commands designed to assist in various aspects of programming Java in jEdit. These allow you to: insert an import statement for the (unqualified) class name under the caret, check for unnecessary import statements, convert wildcard imports into fully-qualified imports and vice-versa, sort imports, generate skeleton code for a class based on the class it extends and/or the interfaces it implements. The latest version of JTools uses the Java Core plugin to find classes and class information.
JUnit Plugin The JUnit plugin allows test cases to be run against Java code using the JUnit testing framework
Jakarta Commons The Jakarta Commons plugin provides a single point of dependency for plugins needing to use Apache Jakarta libraries. Currently included are BCEL, commons-collections, and commons-logging.
Jalopy Plugin Jalopy is a source-code formatting tool for Java. It can insert and remove indentation, wrap lines, sort imports, add headers, handle spaces, correct Javadoc entries to match method signatures and much more.
Jane Plugin Provides an API for accessing java classes from other plugins and macros. Also provides a GUI for viewing the Java structure of the current buffer via Side Kick's Structure Browser.
Jar Maker The Jar Maker Plugin provides a GUI which collects user's input such as the name of the JAR file to be created, the location of the JAR file, the file filter to use when creating the JAR file, the JAR's manifest file content. The JAR file is generated in the location directory.
Jasper Reports Jasper Reports is a powerful report-generating tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.
Java Core The Java Core plugin is designed to act as a single point of dependency for any Java-centric plugin that needs to use classpaths and/or sourcepaths. It uses jEdit 4.2's services mechanism to allow classpath and sourcepath information to be provided in different ways by different implementors. Plugins using Java Core do not have to be dependent on any particular service, just Java Core itself. Java Core includes a default service implementation and an Ant Helper based implementation is available from the jEdit community site. Hopefully, in the future, more plugins will provide a Java Core service and more will use Java Core.
Java Insight The Java Insight plugin allows the user to browse the runtime classpath and select classes to be decompiled and viewed in a jEdit buffer.
Java Refactor The Java Refactor plugin provides a means of automatically refactoring compilable Java source code using a small catalog of refactoring patterns. This currently includes class, field, method, and package renaming and Push Down? and Pull Up? of methods and fields in an inheritance hierarchy. Other refactorings should be added in a future version.
Java Style The Java Style plugin encapsulates functions for formatting and beautifying Java source code.
Jazzy Plugin This plugin allows a spellcheck to be carried out using the Jazzy spellchecking engine, and a dictionary consisting of a simple word list. An english dictionary can be downloaded from:
Jinni Console This is a plugin that allows using Jinni as a console application integrated in jEdit.
Jta Plugin The JTA plugin is a port of the Java Telnet Application. For more information about JTA, visit For more information about the plugin, visit
Jump Plugin Jump works in conjunction with the Project Viewer plugin and &#34Exuberant Ctags&#34. It provides several actions which will accelerate your work with jEdit.
Jvm Stats The JVMStats plugin can be used to view the JVM status over time. A graph is showing how much memory is currently being used by the JVM, and some labels are giving the exact numbers of currently used memory, available memory and maximum allocatable memory by the JVM, as well as number of threads running in the JVM. The Collect garbage button allows users to force the garbage collection mechanism to activate and clean unneeded memory in the JVM.
Jython Interpreter The Jython Interpreter plugin embeds a Jython engine into jEdit. It adds support for macros and plugins written in Python/Jython. Jython 2.1 is included.
La Te XTools The LaTeXTools plugin includes a set of features to enable more efficient La Te X editing. The features currently include a Bib Te X? citation insertion tool, a reference insertion tool, and a user configurable La Te X document navigator.
Latex Outline  
Lazy Eight Ledger Lazy8Ledger is a financial accounting ledger that requires you to have bookkeeping experience (double-entry acccounting) to be of any use to you. If you have bookkeeping experience then this plugin will give you everything you need for all sorts of personal and business accounting. All text showing anywhere is fully Unicode compatible and tools are given to then change any text to any language in the world. This plugin comes currently in English, Swedish, and Estonian. For more information see
| Lazy Importer | The LazyImporter plug-in provides useful tools for generating, organizing and sorting import statements in a Java source file in JEdit. |
Line Guides This plugin adds the ability to add an unlimited number of &#34guide lines&#34 to a view. The guide lines may be any color and at any positive character position.
Log Viewer Log Viewer allows multiple log files to be tracked without having to leave jEdit. Any updates to the files are immediately displayed by the plugin. These log files could be any text file like web server logs or firewall security logs. It simulates the behavior by the Unix comand "tail" with the "-f" switch. Currently, the plugin is heavily based on Follow.
Look And Feel The Look And Feel plugin provides an additional look-and-feel for jEdit which allows skinning of the GUI by means of "themepacks".
Macro Manager This plugin will allow you to download and install macros that have been contributed to jEdit's community website without leaving jEdit. You can sort the macros alphabetically or by date, and search within the list of descriptions. The user interface is based of jEdit's Plugin Manager and should be instantly familiar.
Memento Plugin Memento is a task manager/calendar application meant to function both as a stand-alone and as a jEdit plugin. Currently features basic punchlist/appointment capabilities.
Moin Moin Moin Moin Plugin provides a VFS for jEdit that enables one to edit Moin Moin wiki pages in jEdit.
Mouse Snap The Mouse Snap plugin moves the mouse automatically to the button which is the default in a dialog box. The plugin is disabled by default and can be enabled using the plugins menu. Is not guaranteed to work on all platforms.
| Navigator Plugin | The Navigator plugin provides "back" and "forward" buttons like a web browser, and is handy when browsing code. |
Net Rexx Je The Net Rexx Je plugin, written in netrexx, allows one to easily compile and run Net Rexx? and Java programs from within the jEdit environment. Requires Net Rexx? 2.00, which is included.
Open It The OpenIt plug-in provides a quick and easy way to open files in jEdit.
Outline Plugin Creates an outline based on folds which can be used for navigation.
Plugin B B language support for jEdit
Plugin Page Template  
Pmd Plugin PMD is a Java source code analysis tool - it checks your code for unused fields, empty try/catch/finally/if/while blocks, unused method parameters, and stuff like that. There's much more info at Share and enjoy!
Project Viewer The Project Viewer plugin provides an interface for managing a &#34project&#34, i.e. a related group of source files.
Prolog Console Prolog Console is a Console plugin shell embedding an ISO compliant Prolog system into jEdit. The chosen Prolog system is called tuProlog and is developed at the University of Bologna and Cesena, Italy. Currently, jEdit integration consists in consulting Prolog theories opened in the text editor and listing in a jEdit buffer all the predicates forming the Prolog engine's current theory. tuProlog system 1.2.0 is provided with the plugin.
Py Utils The Py Utils plugin contains utilities for Python development in jEdit. The first one is Py Browse?, which offer a class browser for Python. It allows you to see the structure of a python file in a tree structure.
Quick Notepad Provides a place to write notes
RETest Plugin The RETest plugin can be used to test regular expressions against a given test string using the gnu.regexp package supplied with jEdit. The plugin also supplies integrated HTML help on RE syntax.
Radical Plugin Radical is an open source RAD tool for building graphical user interfaces in Java. The main focus of Radical is to be reasonably lightweight and to be easily embedded as a plugin for other projects.
Rename Plugin Lets you rename Actions, Dockables, Plugins, and Option Panes
River North Plugin development environment to assist in the rapid creation of Struts-based (currently Struts 1.1b) web applications. This standalone application allows users to create from scratch and/or import existing Struts 1.x struts-config.xml files, modify them via a forms-based GUI and generate the shell code including JSP/HTML pages, web.xml, struts-config.xml and java source files for Actions and Action Forms? classes required for an implementation.
| Send Buffer | The Send Buffer plugin allows you to send the contents of the current buffer using the SMTP protocol.

This functionality was included in the core in jEdit version prior to 2.6pre2. |

Sessions Plugin The Sessions plugin maintains lists of open files - called sessions (aka workspaces) - and offers some functions to switch between them.
Sho XS contains basic editor functionality and allows to toggle between XSL and Sho XS and it has a simple undo/redo function.
Side Kick The Side Kick plugin provides a framework for high-level language-specific features. Currently, this includes a structure tree dockable window, commands for moving the caret and folding based on language tokens, and a basic code-completion framework. The Side Kick plugin does nothing by itself; at least one plugin providing a language parser, such as the XML plugin, must be installed.
Snap Plugin Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package
Source Control The Source Control plugin provides integration with source control systems, such as MS Visual Source Safe. In time it will allow integration with a range of source control systems. At present just MS Visual Source Safe is supported. To add a new system just implement the Source Control Interface?.java interface and create an options panel for any settings required by the new system.
Speed Java The Speed Java plugin extends the Java programming capabilities of jEdit by providing member completion, method override templating, and other &#34performance enhancing&#34 functionality. Uses on-the-fly parsing of Java source files.
Spell Check Spell Check is an jEdit plugin to perform spell checking of text in a jEdit buffer. You will need to install Aspell ( before using this plugin. Aspell is available for Windows and a variety of UNIX platforms.
Sql Plugin The SQLPlugin provides an interface for sending queries from a jEdit buffer or selection to database server using JDBC. Requires the JDBC 2.0 drivers for your database (tested with My SQL? and Oracle).
Super Script Super Script is a scripting &#34Power House&#34 plugin that supports scripting in 19 languages ranging from BML to Beanshell to Javascript to Jython to Net Rexx? to Perl to Ruby to XSLT to..... Super Script uses Apache BSF to provide scripting support for 19 scripting languages. Using Super Script you get one interface to your scripting language of choice without leaving jEdit. Read the included docs for more information about how to use Super Script
Switch Buffer The Switch Buffer plug-in is a must for any programmer who hates to take his/her hands off the keyboard, while wanting to switch buffers. This plug-in is similar to the iswitchb library in emacs. The underlying theme behind each, is that you can type part of a buffer name and only those buffers whose names contain the string you have typed, are shown in the buffer list. You can then hit enter to switch to the first buffer in that list. Switch Buffer also provides the ability to switch buffers based onthe file name suffix.
Tags Plugin The Tags plugin provides a set of actions for working with &#34tag files&#34 in the CTags format
Task List  
Templates Plugin The Templates plugin allows dynamic generation of source code and other files based on template files. The incorporation of the Apache Velocity templating engine as of version 3.0.0 allows for a great deal of flexibility and interactivity. Templates may be accessed through the Plugins menu or a dockable tree view.
Text Tools This plugin provides a number of small actions for performing text manipulation. Currently the package includes the Sort, Reverse Sort, Transpose Characters, Transpose Lines, and Transpose Words.
Tomcat Switch The Tomcat Switch plugin allows for the creation and control of an external Jakarta Tomcat server process.
Vimulator Plugin The Vimulator plugin provides jEdit with VI-style editing capabilities (i.e. modal editing). This plugin is in the early stages of implementation and does not yet provide a consistent or reliable VI-style interface. Caveat raptor.
Web DAV Web DAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". It is also the name of our plugin. This tool utilizes extensions of the HTTP protocol. It allows multiple users to collaboratively code and manage files on a remote system.
Wheel Mouse The Wheel Mouse plugin provides those using jEdit with a wheel mouse under JDK 1.4 with full scrolling functionality.
| White Space | The White Space plugin highlights normally invisible characters such as spaces, tabs, any other whitespace, and control characters. It also offers features to improve code readability and keep code consistently indented.

Note on compatibility: There is a version 0.10-beta (dated 12 Aug 2003) of the plugin which works for me with jEdit 4.2pre8 and 4.2pre9. I do not know if the plugin is still being maintained, though. Ralph Seichter - 20 Feb 2004 |

Word Completion  
XInsert Plugin The XInsert plugin provides a hierarchical clip manager that utilizes XML based library files.
XPTracker For tracking project progress using the Extreme Programming methodology.
XSearch Plugin The XSearch plugin provides extended search options and improved search dialog.
Xml Indenter The Xml Indenter plugin allows you to indent the XML contents of the current open buffer. You can invoke the &#34Indent XML&#34 action via a keyboard shortcut or toolbar icon.
Xml Plugin The XML plugin provides features for editing XML and HTML files.
Xrefactory Plugin The Xrefactory plugin is a port of Emacs' Xrefactory. It implements code completion, a source browser, a class tree viewer, a symbol retriever, and a refactoring browser. It is designed to scale for use with huge projects.
Xslt Plugin The XSLT plugin provides features for transforming XML documents using XSLT stylesheets and for searching XML documents using XPath expressions.

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