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File Management Plugins

Plugin Description
Archive The Archive plugin provides a jEdit VFS for browsing the contents of tar and zip archives and opening the files they contain as jEdit buffers. More precisely, Archive supports *.jar, *.zip, *.tar, *.tar.gz, and *.tar.bz2 archives. Browsing and viewing nested archives is also supported.
Buffer List The Buffer List shows the lists of currently open files and the list of recent files in a window, that may be docked permanently into jEdit's view. The lists are displayed in a tree fashion style.
Buffer Selector The Buffer Selector plugin provides a strip of buttons along the bottom of the jEdit view that allows you to change the Buffer in the current Edit Pane?. It also indicates the state of all open buffers by means of a small graphic to the left of the Buffer's name.
Buffer Tabs This plugin adds a set of tabbed-pane style tabs to the jEdit text area. The tabs show all buffers currently open in jEdit, so clicking on a tab will easily switch to that buffer. The tabs can be placed on any of the four sides of the text area.
EBrowse The EBrowse plugin provides functionality similar to the Fast Open and Switch Buffer Plugins. That is, a keyboard centric means to open files and switch buffers, however this plugin, as the name implies, has an Emacs flavor to it. For the most part, it mimics the behavior of the Emacs file/buffer interface, but appears as a dialog window.
Fader Tabs The Fader Tabs plugin provides a dockable tabbed pane of recently used buffers. Tabs are colour coded, and feature customizable pop-up menus.
| Find File | This plugin allows you to search within a filesystem for any files that match a given filter.

Results are displayed in a Hypersearch-style pane, which provides the ability to perform further actions on the files. |

Hex The Hex plugin dumps a file in hexadecimal form.
Open It The OpenIt plug-in provides a quick and easy way to open files in jEdit.
Sessions The Sessions plugin maintains lists of open files - called sessions (aka workspaces) - and offers some functions to switch between them.
Switch Buffer The Switch Buffer plug-in is a must for any programmer who hates to take his/her hands off the keyboard, while wanting to switch buffers. This plug-in is similar to the iswitchb library in emacs. The underlying theme behind each, is that you can type part of a buffer name and only those buffers whose names contain the string you have typed, are shown in the buffer list. You can then hit enter to switch to the first buffer in that list. Switch Buffer also provides the ability to switch buffers based onthe file name suffix.

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