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Html And Xml Plugins

Plugin Description
Code 2 HTML The Code2HTML plugin transforms the currently edited jEdit source file or the current selection into an equivalent HTML file.
Info Viewer Info Viewer is a replacement for the jEdit builtin Help Viewer? (in fact, it is based on the same code written by Slava Pestov). It contains a mini web browser, but you can also configure it to use an external browser.
JTidy JTidy Plugin integrates the HTML Tidy utility into jEdit. JTidy Plugin will help you check for errors in your HTML/XML files and also correct them.
XML Indenter The Xml Indenter plugin allows you to indent the XML contents of the current open buffer. You can invoke the &#34Indent XML&#34 action via a keyboard shortcut or toolbar icon.
XML The XML plugin provides features for editing XML and HTML files.
XSLT The XSLT plugin provides features for transforming XML documents using XSLT stylesheets and for searching XML documents using XPath expressions.

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