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Java Centric Plugins

Plugin Description
Code Aid Code Aid is a code completion tool for Java programmers. It gives a pop-up list of possible field or method names when &#34.&#34 is typed after a variable name, or the menu item &#34complete&#34 is selected in the middle of a method/constructor/field name. If you choose &#34Automatically show Java completion popups&#34 in the options, the completions are shown automaticly after a delay. It also completes partially typed methods/identifier/classes. The name can then be selected from the list, and/or completed with the &#34Tab&#34 or &#34Enter&#34 key.
Debugger The Debugger plugin integrates a debugger into jEdit, utilizing the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) of the Java Development Kit. Note that jEdit must be run on a Java Development Kit (JDK), not a Java Runtime Environment for the debugger to show up (ie. tools.jar must be there; jEdit should find it automatically).
Dot Complete Dot Complete is a Java code assistance plug-in that provides help when a period (dot) is typed. It incorporates Code Aid's Java CC parser and expression finder; Speed Java's design and popup triggering code; jEdit's Complete-Word popup, and Ant Helper's class management.
Fin Fin is a unit testing application for Java. It is similar to JUnit in that it promotes unit testing. It is different from JUnit in that it does not require separate classes for unit tests, rather, the tests are written as part of the code to be tested.
JBrowse The &#34JBrowse&#34 plug-in provides a highly customizable tool for navigating through Java source code. It displays a navigation window which uses a tree view to display the hierarchy of classes, interfaces, methods and (optionally) attributes for the file in the current buffer. This includes the ability to display nested classes and interfaces and their members, implements and extends information for classes and interfaces, and throws information for methods. A single mouse click on one of the nodes in the tree will move to and highlight the line in the jEdit buffer where the definition of that item begins.
JCompiler The JCompiler plugin allows for compiling java source files IN-PROCESS. It does not start a new javac process and is therefore much faster than compiling in an external process. It will also include the directory where the source file resides in the CLASSPATH during compilation. It can compile a single file or the whole current package. It will also optionally save the current buffer or all open buffers before beginning compilation.
JDoc The JDoc Plugin provides configuration and persistance of Javadoc command line arguments and execution of the utility within jEdit. Command line arguments are configured through either the Utilities->Global Options->Plugin Options->Javaodc menu selection or a Plugins->Javadoc->Javadoc Options menu selection. The configured command line arguments are persisted in a property file. The Javadoc utility can be executed with a Plugins->Javadoc->Execute Javadoc menu item. The JDoc Plugin facilitates development of Javadoc by allowing the programmer to generate Javadoc while editing the source files and writing comments.
JExplorer The JExplorer plugin is a Java code browser. Starting from a Project Viewer plugin project, it can analyze the Java source files in it and build a "model", which is then used to navigate the code. It combines lists, trees and graphs to help comprehension of code structure and to rapidly locate classes, interfaces, fields, constructors and methods. Items can be searched in a global index by typing the first letters of their names. Bi-directional navigation of source code and many visualization options are available.
JImporter The JImporter plugin speeds your development of Java classes by allowing you to easily import classes that you don't already know the package for. JImporter includes functionality to allow you to easily sort your import statements in the order that you prefer, allowing for maximum flexibility.
JIndex The JIndex plugin enables jEdit to show the Java Doc? API html documentation on the currently selected word, with a single key press, in a browser of your choice. You can index the class, method and field names of all the libraries that you frequently use, including, rt.jar and swingall.jar. After you have created an index, you can execute the 'JIndex on current word' command and JIndex will search in the index for the current word, that the cursor is on. If an entry is found, it will display the appropiate Java Doc? URL in your browser. If there are more than one entries on this word, you will be presented a choose dialog.
JSwat Plugin The JSwat Plugin integrates the JSwat debugger into jEdit. Includes JSwat 2.8 in plugin version 1.2 or higher; JSwat 1.4 in earlier versions. The original JSwat code was written by Nathan Fiedler and released under the GPL. The original code can be found at
JTools The JTools plugin provides commands designed to assist in various aspects of programming Java in jEdit. These allow you to: insert an import statement for the (unqualified) class name under the caret, check for unnecessary import statements, convert wildcard imports into fully-qualified imports and vice-versa, sort imports, generate skeleton code for a class based on the class it extends and/or the interfaces it implements. The latest version of JTools uses the Java Core plugin to find classes and class information.
JUnit Plugin The JUnit plugin allows test cases to be run against Java code using the JUnit testing framework
Jane Provides an API for accessing java classes from other plugins and macros. Also provides a GUI for viewing the Java structure of the current buffer via Side Kick's Structure Browser.
Jar Maker The Jar Maker Plugin provides a GUI which collects user's input such as the name of the JAR file to be created, the location of the JAR file, the file filter to use when creating the JAR file, the JAR's manifest file content. The JAR file is generated in the location directory.
Java Core The Java Core plugin is designed to act as a single point of dependency for any Java-centric plugin that needs to use classpaths and/or sourcepaths. It uses jEdit 4.2's services mechanism to allow classpath and sourcepath information to be provided in different ways by different implementors. Plugins using Java Core do not have to be dependent on any particular service, just Java Core itself. Java Core includes a default service implementation and an Ant Helper based implementation is available from the jEdit community site. Hopefully, in the future, more plugins will provide a Java Core service and more will use Java Core.
Java Insight The Java Insight plugin allows the user to browse the runtime classpath and select classes to be decompiled and viewed in a jEdit buffer.
Java Refactor The Java Refactor plugin provides a means of automatically refactoring compilable Java source code using a small catalog of refactoring patterns. This currently includes class, field, method, and package renaming and Push Down? and Pull Up? of methods and fields in an inheritance hierarchy. Other refactorings should be added in a future version.
| Lazy Importer | The LazyImporter plug-in provides useful tools for generating, organizing and sorting import statements in a Java source file in JEdit. |
Radical Radical is an open source RAD tool for building graphical user interfaces in Java. The main focus of Radical is to be reasonably lightweight and to be easily embedded as a plugin for other projects.
Speed Java The Speed Java plugin extends the Java programming capabilities of jEdit by providing member completion, method override templating, and other &#34performance enhancing&#34 functionality. Uses on-the-fly parsing of Java source files.
| Xrefactory | The Xrefactory plugin is a port of Emacs' Xrefactory. It implements code completion, a source browser, a class tree viewer, a symbol retriever, and a refactoring browser. It is designed to scale for use with huge projects. | [600]

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