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Plugin Description
Class Wizard The Class Wizard provides a GUI that facilitates quickly creating class files for various languages (Java, PHP, etc.). For each language, it offers language-specific features (e.g. import of abstract methods for Java) and method editors.
Code Browser The Code Browser plugin contains a buffer switcher and a code browser within a split pane. The buffer switcher can be hidden by moving the divider all the way up, or by clicking the small up-handle. The code browser simplifies navigating source code of any programming language supported by the Exuberant C Tags program.
Context Help The Context Help plugin is a framework for integrating jEdit mode dependent (i.e. java, xml, php,...) beanshell scripts into jEdit. In particular the plugin contains beanshell examples for calling windows help files for java, javascript and php.
CT Plugin The CTPlugin is intended for JSP Developers who make extensive use of custom tags libraries. It provides a clear interface which allows the developers to browse a custom tag library, select a tag, edit it, and insert it in the JSP page. Requires the Xerces XML parser.
Jinni Console This is a plugin that allows using Jinni as a console application integrated in jEdit.
Jython Interpreter The Jython Interpreter plugin embeds a Jython engine into jEdit. It adds support for macros and plugins written in Python/Jython. Jython 2.1 is included.
La Te X Tools The LaTeXTools plugin includes a set of features to enable more efficient La Te X editing. The features currently include a Bib Te X? citation insertion tool, a reference insertion tool, and a user configurable La Te X document navigator.
Latex Outline  
Macro Manager This plugin will allow you to download and install macros that have been contributed to jEdit's community website without leaving jEdit. You can sort the macros alphabetically or by date, and search within the list of descriptions. The user interface is based of jEdit's Plugin Manager and should be instantly familiar.
Net Rexx Je The Net Rexx Je plugin, written in netrexx, allows one to easily compile and run Net Rexx? and Java programs from within the jEdit environment. Requires Net Rexx? 2.00, which is included.
Plugin B B language support for jEdit
Prolog Console Prolog Console is a Console plugin shell embedding an ISO compliant Prolog system into jEdit. The chosen Prolog system is called tuProlog and is developed at the University of Bologna and Cesena, Italy. Currently, jEdit integration consists in consulting Prolog theories opened in the text editor and listing in a jEdit buffer all the predicates forming the Prolog engine's current theory. tuProlog system 1.2.0 is provided with the plugin.
Py Utils The Py Utils plugin contains utilities for Python development in jEdit. The first one is Py Browse?, which offer a class browser for Python. It allows you to see the structure of a python file in a tree structure.
SNAP Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package
Super Script Super Script is a scripting &#34Power House&#34 plugin that supports scripting in 19 languages ranging from BML to Beanshell to Javascript to Jython to Net Rexx? to Perl to Ruby to XSLT to..... Super Script uses Apache BSF to provide scripting support for 19 scripting languages. Using Super Script you get one interface to your scripting language of choice without leaving jEdit. Read the included docs for more information about how to use Super Script

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