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Project Management Plugins

Plugin Description
| Ant Farm | The AntFarm plugin allows developers to build projects from within jEdit using Apache's Ant utility.

Ships with Ant version 1.5, but can easily be made to work with Ant 1.6 by replacing the ant.jar in the $jedit/jars directory with ant.jar from the $ant_1.6/lib directory, and adding ant-launcher.jar from the $ant_1.6/lib directory to the $jedit/jars directory. |

Ant Helper helps other jEdit plug-ins leverage the information provided in a project's Ant build file
Ant Viz Ant Viz? is a graphical Ant-script-dependency viewer and -debugger, implemented as a jEdit-plugin. All targets and their dependencies are displayed as a directed graph. This graph visualizes the sequence of what will be done when the script is run. Step-through debugging of targets is possible.
Antelope Antelope is an application for running Ant. It can run as either a stand-alone GUI application or as a jEdit plugin. The project home page is at and that is also where the on-line documentation is located. Ant must be installed separately.
Fast Open Fast Open is a plugin designed to quickly open any file in the current project by just typing in the first few characters of the filename you want to open. Besides quickly opening any file, it has a lot of features like switching between projects, indicating invalid filenames etc.
JCounter Computes statistics for sets of source files
JDiff JDiff Plugin is a visual diff utility for jEdit.
Project Viewer The Project Viewer plugin provides an interface for managing a &#34project&#34, i.e. a related group of source files.
Tags The Tags plugin provides a set of actions for working with &#34tag files&#34 in the CTags format
Task List  
XP Tracker For tracking project progress using the Extreme Programming methodology.

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