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Support Plugins

Plugin Description
Common Controls The Common Controls plugin provides a common set of enhanced Swing components intended for use by other jEdit plugins.
DB Terminal  
Drag and Drop The Drag And Drop plugin allows files to be opened in jEdit by simply dragging them into the text area from a file manager, desktop, or other application. Does not work on all combinations of platform/JDK.
Error List The Error List plugin provides one-click access, and on-the-spot highlighting of errors generated by Edit Bus?-aware packages, such as the Console.
Jakarta Commons The Jakarta Commons plugin provides a single point of dependency for plugins needing to use Apache Jakarta libraries. Currently included are BCEL, commons-collections, and commons-logging.
Jump Jump works in conjunction with the Project Viewer plugin and &#34Exuberant Ctags&#34. It provides several actions which will accelerate your work with jEdit.
JVM Stats The JVMStats plugin can be used to view the JVM status over time. A graph is showing how much memory is currently being used by the JVM, and some labels are giving the exact numbers of currently used memory, available memory and maximum allocatable memory by the JVM, as well as number of threads running in the JVM. The Collect garbage button allows users to force the garbage collection mechanism to activate and clean unneeded memory in the JVM.
| Navigator | The Navigator plugin provides "back" and "forward" buttons like a web browser, and is handy when browsing code. |
Outline Creates an outline based on folds which can be used for navigation.
Rename Lets you rename Actions, Dockables, Plugins, and Option Panes
Side Kick The Side Kick plugin provides a framework for high-level language-specific features. Currently, this includes a structure tree dockable window, commands for moving the caret and folding based on language tokens, and a basic code-completion framework. The Side Kick plugin does nothing by itself; at least one plugin providing a language parser, such as the XML plugin, must be installed.
Wheel Mouse The Wheel Mouse plugin provides those using jEdit with a wheel mouse under JDK 1.4 with full scrolling functionality.

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