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Text Plugins

Plugin Description
Character Map The character map plugin displays a window showing all ASCII and extended-ASCII characters. Clicking one will insert it in the buffer.
Clipper This plugin provides access to libraries of convenient text clips (e.g. HTML tags, programming constructs etc) that can be inserted into a buffer. Clipper is distributed with some clip libraries, although new user-defined libraries can easily be added.
Comment Folder  
Configurable Fold Handler The Configurable Fold Handler plugin adds a new fold handler to jEdit that allows the user to specify the strings that define the start and end of a fold. Different fold strings can be defined for each edit mode and each open buffer.
Hex Edit Provides basic hex-editing functionality
Includes Parser Includes Parser was designed to add "Includes Capabilities" to HTML pages. Basically, it allows you to define strings in HTML files that effectively say "Include the contents of file x here". The input files are parsed for strings that contain these directives, and any that contain a valid filename are replaced with the contents of the file.
Jazzy This plugin allows a spellcheck to be carried out using the Jazzy spellchecking engine, and a dictionary consisting of a simple word list. An english dictionary can be downloaded from:
Log Viewer Log Viewer allows multiple log files to be tracked without having to leave jEdit. Any updates to the files are immediately displayed by the plugin. These log files could be any text file like web server logs or firewall security logs. It simulates the behavior by the Unix comand "tail" with the "-f" switch. Currently, the plugin is heavily based on Follow.
RE Test The RETest plugin can be used to test regular expressions against a given test string using the gnu.regexp package supplied with jEdit. The plugin also supplies integrated HTML help on RE syntax.
Spell Check Spell Check is an jEdit plugin to perform spell checking of text in a jEdit buffer. You will need to install Aspell ( before using this plugin. Aspell is available for Windows and a variety of UNIX platforms.
Templates The Templates plugin allows dynamic generation of source code and other files based on template files. The incorporation of the Apache Velocity templating engine as of version 3.0.0 allows for a great deal of flexibility and interactivity. Templates may be accessed through the Plugins menu or a dockable tree view.
Text Tools This plugin provides a number of small actions for performing text manipulation. Currently the package includes the Sort, Reverse Sort, Transpose Characters, Transpose Lines, and Transpose Words.
Vimulator The Vimulator plugin provides jEdit with VI-style editing capabilities (i.e. modal editing). This plugin is in the early stages of implementation and does not yet provide a consistent or reliable VI-style interface. Caveat raptor.
Word Completion  
XInsert The XInsert plugin provides a hierarchical clip manager that utilizes XML based library files.
XSearch The XSearch plugin provides extended search options and improved search dialog.

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