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Visual Plugins

Plugin Description
Background Background lets you configure a background image for the main jEdit text area. It also features some basic blend options (&#34tinted glass&#34 effect).
Column Ruler Provides a ruler above the text area which marks off columns and indicates which column the caret is at, the column where text is wrapped, and the column range of selections.
Docker The Docker plugin provides some extra docking features not available by the jEdit core. Extra features include: dock auto-hiding, popup to cycle through docks, and a toggle all docks shortcut.
Editor Scheme Editor Scheme is a plugin for jEdit that lets one easily switch between color schemes for jEdit's syntax highlighting.
Line Guides This plugin adds the ability to add an unlimited number of &#34guide lines&#34 to a view. The guide lines may be any color and at any positive character position.
Look and Feel The Look And Feel plugin provides an additional look-and-feel for jEdit which allows skinning of the GUI by means of "themepacks".
Mouse Snap The Mouse Snap plugin moves the mouse automatically to the button which is the default in a dialog box. The plugin is disabled by default and can be enabled using the plugins menu. Is not guaranteed to work on all platforms.
| White Space | The White Space plugin highlights normally invisible characters such as spaces, tabs, any other whitespace, and control characters. It also offers features to improve code readability and keep code consistently indented.

Note on compatibility: There is a version 0.10-beta (dated 12 Aug 2003) of the plugin which works for me with jEdit 4.2pre8 and 4.2pre9. I do not know if the plugin is still being maintained, though. Ralph Seichter - 20 Feb 2004 |

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