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Welcome to the home of jEdit Community Wiki.Plugins. Here you'll find information about jEdit's different plugins.

Console, Jcrontab, Jasper Reports, JTA, Lazy 8 Ledger, Memento, [[PluginPageTemplate][]], Quick Notepad, River North Plugin, Sho XS,

Axis Helper, SQL Plugin, Tomcat Switch,

File Management
Archive, Buffer List, Buffer Selector, Buffer Tabs, EBrowse, Fader Tabs, Find File, Hex, Open It, Sessions, Switch Buffer,

Formatters And Checkers
AStyle, Check Style, Code Lint, Jalopy, Java Style, PMD,

Html And Xml
Code 2 HTML, Info Viewer, JTidy, XML Indenter, XML, XSLT,

Java Centric
Code Aid, Debugger, Dot Complete, Fin, JBrowse, JCompiler, JDoc, JExplorer, JImporter, JIndex, JSwat Plugin, JTools, JUnit Plugin, Jane, Jar Maker, Java Core, Java Insight, Java Refactor, Lazy Importer, Radical, Speed Java, Xrefactory,

Language Support
Class Wizard, Code Browser, Context Help, CT Plugin, Jinni Console, Jython Interpreter, La Te X Tools, Latex Outline, Macro Manager, Net Rexx Je, Plugin B, Prolog Console, Py Utils, SNAP, Super Script,

Dict, FTP, Headlines, IRC, j Messenger, Moin Moin, Send Buffer, Web DAV,

Project Management
Ant Farm, Ant Helper, Ant Viz, Antelope, Fast Open, JCounter, JDiff, Project Viewer, Tags, Task List, XP Tracker,

Common Controls, DB Terminal, Drag and Drop, Error List, Jakarta Commons, Jump, JVM Stats, Navigator, Outline, Rename, Side Kick, Wheel Mouse,

Character Map, Clipper, Comment Folder, Configurable Fold Handler, Hex Edit, Includes Parser, Jazzy, Log Viewer, RE Test, Spell Check, Templates, Text Tools, Vimulator, Word Completion, XInsert, XSearch,

Version Control
Clear Case Plugin, Gruntspud, j Edit CVS, Source Control,

Background, Column Ruler, Docker, Editor Scheme, Line Guides, Look and Feel, Mouse Snap, White Space,

these categories mirror those used on Plugin Central

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