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To get started writing plugins, check out the user's guide: .

Plugins should be built using Ant. We have Sample Build Files for your convenience.


jEdit has a wide range of users from around the world, so you may want to allow some internationalization in your plugin.

At the most basic, proper use of the DateFormat and NumberFormat classes will display info in the user's prefered format.

For more thorough internationalization, check out this simple tutorial: Internationalization. The Java Docs? for Locale and ResourceBundle are also handy.

Plugin Releases

Plugins updated in CVS won't automatically appear in the PluginManager. There is a process whereby new plugins are checked out, built, tested, and then posted as a new release. This happens as people have time to do it, there is no set schedule.

If you have released a plugin and want to make it available for download, you can

-- Patrick Wright - 09 Nov 2004

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