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Help! Can't get Python syntax highlighting to work
Submitted by kcstrom on Friday, 25 May, 2012 - 12:34
At work, others like to strip off the .py on some python files which wouldn't be a big deal, except they also have '#! python' instead of the more normal pattern of something like '#! /usr/bin/env python'. So I changed the /path/to/my/jedit/settings/catalog file to have a copy/paste of the python file mode from the /path/to/jedit/install/settings/modes/catalog file except I removed '*/' from the FIRST_LINE_GLOB so it would match both the normal and the less normal that is used at my work.

That was great - it now recognizes both file types as python. Unfortunately, I no longer have syntax highlighting for the Python edit mode. I've undone my changes, and updated from Python 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 just to make sure I hadn't modified the original catalog or did something else weird (I'm pretty sure I didn't anyway), but syntax highlighting for Python is still broken.

Please help!
OpenSCAD (scad.xml vbeta1 by Kevin Tucker)
Submitted by tuckerkevin on Friday, 1 June, 2012 - 03:29
OpenSCAD ( catalog line:
Tabbed windows
Submitted by Bannakaffalatta on Saturday, 2 June, 2012 - 13:09
Hi. Is there a way to have multiple files open in the same window with tabs? The way it is now you have to click the bar at the top that has the name of the current file and you see a drop down list of the other files. I would like them displayed in tabs instead. Thanks in advance.

jEdit 5.0pre1 is out!
Submitted by Vampire on Sunday, 10 June, 2012 - 19:25
Hi all,

jEdit development team now presents jEdit 5.0pre1, the first preview
development release of the 5.0.x series of jEdit.

Detailed changes can as always be found in the Change Log at

Here are some convenient links to see the live state of major problems:

- Bugs which are marked as "severe":

- Bugs which are marked as "regressive":

Volunteers are always welcome to fix bugs including the above:

That being said, here is the download link:

FYI, merge requests for the 5.0.x series (fix done, but waiting for a review):

Have fun with the new release.
jEdit 4.5.2 is out!
Submitted by Vampire on Friday, 15 June, 2012 - 22:43
Hi all,

I proudly present jEdit 4.5.2, the latest stable release of the 4.5 series of jEdit.

Detailed changes can as always be found in the Change Log at
This release is a bugfix release.

Volunteers are always welcome to contribute to the future of jEdit:

That being said, here is the download link:

FYI, merge requests for the 4.5 series (fix done, but waiting for a review) can be found at:

Have fun with the new release.
JEdit for JavaFX 2
Submitted by bjornjon on Wednesday, 20 June, 2012 - 23:09

I'm about to start work on a Java code editor control for a JavaFX 2 application. I need the basic stuff, syntax highlighting, text format, auto-complete.

Is anyone doing something in this direction with JEdit as the core? How much work is it, in general, to build a new GUI with these basic requirements using JEdit API as back-end?

Copy (X)HTML code to clipboard as HTML (in Windows: CF_HTML format), rather than text?
Submitted by Graham Hannington on Friday, 22 June, 2012 - 03:44
I can already select content in a web browser, copy it to the clipboard, and then, in jEdit, select "Edit > More Clipboard > Paste Special > html" to paste the HTML source of the content into jEdit. I realize that I could also use various other methods to do this (such as viewing the HTML source in the web browser, and then copying that HTML source view into the clipboard, and then pasting into jEdit without "Paste Special"), but, in many cases, I like selecting the rendered objects in the web browser (although, admittedly, selecting in the HTML source view can offer greater accuracy in terms of exactly how much you are selecting).

Okay: copying (X)HTML source into jEdit is covered.

Suppose that I edit the HTML source, and now want to copy that edited content back into the browser?

I should clarify my use case: I'm copying content from a browser-based rich text editor (specifically, the Atlassian Confluence 4 rich text editor, which is based on TinyMCE), pasting it into jEdit as HTML source, editing the HTML, and then copying'n'pasting that edited content back into the rich text editor.

Currently, copying the edited content back into the browser is a multi-step procedure, to ensure that the HTML is in the appropriate internal clipboard format (in Windows, I think this means CF_HTML), so that the content is rendered appropriately by the rich text editor, rather than appearing as text (the HTML source code):

1. In jEdit, I save the edited HTML to a file (with a file extension such as .htm or .html)
2. I open the file in a web browser (say, Firefox)
3. I select the content, and copy it to the clipboard
4. I paste the content into the Confluence rich text editor

I would rather have a "Copy Special > html" option in jEdit, hence this forum topic.

Does jEdit, or one of its plugins, already have such a feature?

If not (in which case, I guess I'll add a feature request), can anyone suggest a quicker existing non-jEdit method than the "save to .htm, select and copy" method I'm currently using? (I'm using Windows 7. I have no jEdit plugin development experience, but I have some scripting experience, and it's occurred to me to write some script "glue" to copy into CF_HTML format.)
Open in Desktop
Submitted by Arionyx on Friday, 22 June, 2012 - 15:11
I was wondering if I could find out where I need to go to configure the 'Open in Desktop' command in the FSB pane. I'm currently working with a scripting language, and for some reason, include commands won't work correctly when I run the file within jEdit, yet they work fine when I run the file from Explorer.
LucenePlugin Broken?
Submitted by cnoevil on Wednesday, 4 July, 2012 - 19:07

I recently updated jEdit to version 5pre1. It looks like a nice upgrade. Kudos.

Unfortunately CtagsInterface is throwing any error telling me that it is unable to load the LucenePlugin...well maybe because I didn't have it. So I went to download it along with the Markers plugin that it uses, but neither of those two plugin will open. I'm on Windows 7 btw. Anyway. I downloaded bot the zip and the tgz archive of each hoping for a solution but I am unable to extract either one. I use 7-zip which has been very dependable in every regard until now... so; anybody have some useful advice?

jedit has 100 or so windows open
Submitted by jeditcdnguy on Sunday, 8 July, 2012 - 00:40
Hi - I'm running jedit 4.5.2 under Ubuntu 12.04 with the latest Java.

Some time back I opened a ton of files then closed them all and now the windows won't go away. If I open jedit to edit one file, the one file is there in the first window, the file shows up alone in the drop down menu but when alt tab goes to jedit, the 100 or so windows are there.

I have tried global closing, everything. Can anyone make a suggestion, please?
jDiff: any way to invoke by cli (passing args)
Submitted by jdlx on Sunday, 8 July, 2012 - 12:15

i'd like to use jDiff@jEdit as a external Diff tool for my GIT client app.. the question i have:
Can i invoke/start jEdit by passing the two filepathes and some arg that makes jedit diff those right away?
Something along the line:

$ /Applications/ -diff "$1" "$2"

electric parens, etc
Submitted by kwerle on Wednesday, 11 July, 2012 - 18:05
As a rails coder, I end up doing a bunch of
<% code %>
and also
<div ...>

There does not seem to be a way to make <>'s electric - or even <% %>. Nor can I seem to do that using superabbrev - <TAB fails to autocomplete the abbrev I made. My guess is that it's ignoring the non-alpha character left of the cursor when I hit TAB.

I'm hoping someone else has solved this. Seems like someone must have! If not, I guess I could throw some code at it...

Syntax highlighting alias
Submitted by John Gallant on Monday, 16 July, 2012 - 17:08
I would like to assign new filename extensions to extensions already supported. Is there a way to do this?
Specifically, I am editing Objective C files with .mm extensions which does not seem to be supported. I would like to assign this extension to .m which is supported.
Another use I find handy is to name files with a .cx extension and alias that extension to .c. This allows me to view highlighted files I do not want searched.
jediut.exe over jedit java
Submitted by DocDJ on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012 - 13:32
I installed the java version of jedit some time ago and had a lot of files in the history list. I recently installed java.exe (Windows) and now, neither of these programs can find my history list. How can I recover it (and I think I would prefer to be able to use it in the java.exe version, to become independent of changes to the java installation.
How to disable the localization in jEdit 5.0?
Submitted by sinarf on Thursday, 19 July, 2012 - 08:50

Just installed the last version of jEdit (5.0pre1) and everything is in French, probably because my professional computer is under a French version of Windows. I can see that it can be seen as a good idea, but it is not.

I won't be a problem if I find a way to disable it forever, but I couldn't find anything on the subject in help.
How can I go back to the real jEdit? Please.

In my humble opinion, translating a developer tool doesn't make any sense.

Thanks in advance.
Trouble adding Markdown syntax highlighting mode for the jEdit 5.0
Submitted by avamk on Saturday, 21 July, 2012 - 01:25
Hello, I am just starting to explore jEdit 5.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8, and so far I find it all to be very exciting! Thanks for creating such a great piece of software. I downloaded the markdown.xml Markdown syntax highlighting mode from here: And I tried to add it to jEdit by placing markdown.xml in the same folder as ~/Library/jEdit/modes/catalog Then I added the following to the catalog and saved it: However, even after restarting jEdit, the markdown mode still does not appear when I try to change modes in the Buffer Options dialog. How should I troubleshoot this, did I skip any steps? Thanks!
Plugin Column Ruler bugs?
Submitted by linuxerwang on Sunday, 22 July, 2012 - 16:27
Hi, all

I am using Column Ruler and love its functionality but it seems has a few issues (latest version of Column Ruler and jedit 4.5 pre1):

1. Add Marker/Guide through the "Plugins Options" dialog doesn't work most of time. After input the marker the list doesn't have that marker. Sometimes works though.

2. The guide line created through column ruler doesn't show up when jEdit starts. I have to always click on the ruler at the column number and the guide line is shown. It's tedious to do it every time.

Sentence recognition is text mode?
Submitted by avamk on Tuesday, 24 July, 2012 - 15:52

I realise that jEdit has shortcut keys for moving to the beginning and end of lines. Is there a similar way to move the caret to the beginning and end of a *sentence* in text mode? Is jEdit, or perhaps a plugin, capable of recognising sentences?

Can't use Alt key in jEdit 5 under Mac OS X
Submitted by avamk on Sunday, 29 July, 2012 - 23:35

I am trying to get my Alt key to work in Mac OS X. Whenever I try to use it as part of a shortcut, it instead writes a symbol (which symbol depends on what character I hit on the keyboard) into my buffer.

I searched for previous posts, and one suggested modifying my startup.bsh. I tried but still couldn't get my Alt key to function. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Below is the section in my startup.bsh:

/*{{{ Remapping modifier keys part I */

/* The below is the default, swap the items around to
* change meaning of C+, A+, M+, S+.
// InputEvent.ALT_MASK, InputEvent.META_MASK,
// InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK);

/* ... and this the MacOS default: */
KeyEventTranslator.setModifierMapping(InputEvent.META_MASK, /* == C+ */
InputEvent.CTRL_MASK, /* == A+ */
InputEvent.ALT_MASK, /* == M+ */
InputEvent.SHIFT_MASK /* == S+ */);


/*{{{ Remapping modifier keys part II */

/* Note if you chose to make use of the M+ (option key) prefix on MacOS, you
* will need to disable a little piece of code: */
/* Otherwise M+ will be ignored for the purposes of keyboard shortcuts. */

/* But if you enable this, you might find that Option+8 for example invokes your
* macro but also inserts a bulletpoint, as per standard Macintosh keyboard
* behavior. To disable the Option key for inserting special high ASCII
* characters, uncomment this. Note that it has wider implications, notably
* DROVAK keyboard shortcuts will be mapped as if the keyboard was QWERTY. */

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
Submitted by imgod2u on Friday, 3 August, 2012 - 20:42
Something has happened with our company linux cluster recently. I think they've limited the number of user threads or at the very least, have significantly reduced it. In either case, resizing the jedit window will consistently cause:

1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0"
1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: at java.lang.Thread.start0(Native Method)
1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: at java.lang.Thread.start(Unknown Source)
1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: at java.awt.EventQueue.initDispatchThread(Unknown Source)
1:32:20 PM [AWT-EventQueue-0] [error] AWT-EventQueue-0: at Source)

Unfortunately, I do not have admin access nor do I think IT will change their policy just so I can use jedit. So my question would be, is there a way to find out what the maximum thread/nproc limit is for my user account and is there a way to limit how many threads jedit spawns?
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