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Edit Modes

Additional syntax highlighting modes that are not distributed with jEdit. You will need to add a mode catalog entry after placing the mode file in an appropriate mode directory. The recommended mode catalog entry can be found inside a comment at the start of each mode file. See the Installing Modes section of the jEdit user's guide for details.

6502 assembly edit mode (assembly-6502.xml v0.1 by Aaron Forrest)
Submitted by aarfo on Wednesday, 31 May, 2006 - 01:46
Edit mode for 6502 assembly language, with highlighting for XASM assembler directives
Be sure to add the following line to your modes/catalog file
<MODE NAME="assembly-6502" FILE="assembly-6502.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.asm" />

Updated on 05/31/2006 - 17:36
Downloads: 1723

A Colourful HTML ( v1.1 by Venimus)
Submitted by venimus on Tuesday, 31 August, 2004 - 11:55
  • The mode is now compatible with 4.3pre5+.
  • DOCTYPE highlighted
  • highlighted
  • Highlighting of multiline tags improved (but not perfect).
  • Highlighting of numbers improved.
  • Some other bugs fixed.
This is the most featured HTML color mode arround. It has almost all of the functionality you need when developing web content. Recognizes CSS,PHP,Javascript (delegates to the existing modes).

features (what highlights):
  1. extended tag/attributes recognition
  2. some error recognition
  3. inline CSS (requires mode - CSS v2.2 by John Paul Taylor II [updated])
  4. inline Javascript
  5. PHP
limitations (to do):
  1. no asp and vbs support

known bugs (hard to fix):
  1. The first atribute must be preceded by space/tab, new line is not enough, the rest work ok.
  2. there is small chance, but it is possible an invalid attribute to highlight as "event", it is caused of the impossibility of matching line-starts (or EOLs) in regex (due to limitations)
  3. There is a bug in jedit if background for color syntax is set. That background incorrectly applies to other tokens which doesn't have a background color set. By default the "invalid" type have a background and the other types doesn't. So the mode may look like it doesnt work. To fix that, set a background to all types or remove the background of the "invalid" type.
follow the usual steps for installing a mode definition:
  1. overwrite the original html.xml in jedit installation directory, or save it to .jedit/modes directory, and modify .jedit/modes/catalog to include
    <MODE NAME="html" FILE="html.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{html,htm}" />
  2. Install the fixed PHP mode (original) included in the package by overwriting or adding definition into the "catalog": <MODE NAME="php" FILE="php.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{php}" />
  3. You may try to use this HTML mode for php files aswell by tricking jEdit to use html.xml to highlight php. This way the html code outside <?php?> will be highlighted. To do it, instead the above definitions (1. & 2.), add the following lines in "catalog" : <MODE NAME="php" FILE="php.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{~}" /> <MODE NAME="html" FILE="html.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{html,htm,php}" /> (note the "*.{~}" - it must be an invalid extesnsion, because html.xml will be used for the *.php files aswell, but if we replace directly the original php.xml will not be available for delegation)
    I recommed you install the included fixed mode, but the original one should work just fine.
    WARNING:This trick may cause some misbehaviour (on theory), because aftar that step "php" files will become "html" for jedit and plugins that depend on it may cease to work. However I didnt notice any problems.
  4. Install the CSS mode included by overwriting or adding into "catalog":
    <MODE NAME="css" FILE="css.xml" FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{css}" />
  5. fix your syntax colours from "general options": set a background color to all types or remove the background of the "invalid" type.
used colors:
markup - unknown tag
keyword1 - tag
keyword2 - attribute name, <tr>, </tr>
keyword4 - tag that MUST be included in other tag
keyword3 - deprecated tag
function - unknown attribute
literal1 - attribute value
literal2 - inline css
literal3 - inline javascript
comment1 - comment
comment2 - m$ conditional definition (IE)

Updated on 07/09/2006 - 16:44
Downloads: 2782

ABAP Edit Mode (abap.xml v1 by Nathan Jones)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Friday, 19 December, 2003 - 05:29
An ABAP edit mode. I found one for GVIM but as I use Jedit now this is really essential for my job.

Updated on 12/19/2003 - 05:30
Downloads: 2197

ABB RAPID edit mode ( v0.0.1 by Andrew Thompson)
Submitted by andrewt on Thursday, 23 November, 2006 - 05:28
Edit mode for jEdit 4.2 for ABB RAPID robot programming language. Note this is not 100% complete. It has been some time since I worked on this, but thought I should make this available "as-is" at least. Please feel free to develop it! In particular, there is no auto un-indent - as far as I know this was not supported by jEdit 4.2 Includes code browser support via ctags.

Updated on 11/23/2006 - 05:28
Downloads: 2116

Advanced HTML edit mode (html.xml v1.0 by Brad Mace)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Tuesday, 16 December, 2003 - 23:17
An HTML edit mode which highlights recognized tags, attributes, and values, and delegates to PHP where appropriate

Updated on 12/16/2003 - 23:19
Downloads: 14096

Advanced HTML Edit Mode (html.xml v2 by Brad Mace [revised by Sam])
Submitted by sam on Thursday, 1 April, 2004 - 16:42
The Advanced HTML Edit Mode v1 by Brad Mace contained various typos and syntactical errors. This is a fixed version with a few extra tweaks. Next thing to do is set it up so that highlighting for any quoted string in a tag is delegated to JavaScript... This mode delegates to PHP where appropriate.

Updated on 04/01/2004 - 16:42
Downloads: 2219

Another HTML edit mode (pyro.xml v1 by Lucas Ces)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Friday, 19 December, 2003 - 05:31
This is another HTML Mode modification , that distinct tags, attributes, literals, inlines CSS, Javascript and VBScript

Updated on 12/19/2003 - 05:31
Downloads: 2718

Ant edit mode (ant.xml v1.0 by Brad Mace)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Tuesday, 16 December, 2003 - 23:25
An Edit mode for ant build files. It must be in the jEdit system directory in order to override the normal xml mode when needed.

Updated on 12/16/2003 - 23:28
Downloads: 1909

APDL v2 Edit Mode ( v0.9.9 + by Sven Gleich)
Submitted by Sven Gleich on Thursday, 2 November, 2006 - 09:55
Edit mode for APDL Language based on the APDL.xml version 0.9.8 by Randolf Mock
Works with jEdit 4.2final (APDL2.xml v0.9.9), for different syntax highlighting the Editor Scheme Plugin v1.0 is required
Works with jEdit 4.3pre7 (APDL2.xml v0.9.11), for different syntax highlighting the Editor Scheme Plugin v1.0 is required
Tested with jEdit 4.3pre18 (APDL2.xml v0.9.11) and Editor Scheme Plugin v1.2

- recognition of digits with exponents
- doubles in *get-function tags changed
- doubles in ansys commands deleted
- together with APDL2.jedit-scheme (via the Editor Scheme Selector Plugin)
colours similar to UltraEdit-32 APDL syntax highlighting

<KEYWORD1>: ANSYS commands
<KEYWORD2>: ANSYS star commands (e.g. *get)
<KEYWORD3>: ANSYS command options
<KEYWORD4>: ANSYS slash commands
<FUNCTION>: abbreviated *get commands

Put the APDL2.xml into the <jedit>/modes folder.
Add the following lines to the catalog-file:
<MODE NAME="apdl2"		FILE="apdl2.xml"
				FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{ans,inp,mak,mac,apdl}" />
Remove the lines with the <MODE NAME="apdl" ...> or make changes to the file extensions.
Install the Editor Scheme Plugin if required.
Put the APDL2.jedit-scheme into the <user-home>/.jedit/schemes folder.
Activate under Plugins -> Editor Scheme Selector the APDL2 scheme with "Apply".

- frequent use of the keyword "node" inside the xml is not been distinguished between keyword1 and keyword3
- "pres" as a get function and "pres" as a abbreviation for "presol" is not been distinguished
- the topic to the keyword "node" does also apply to pres, temp, volt, mag, vx, vy, vz,...

2009-Nov-10 bugfix (comment with utf-8 character changed)

Updated on 11/10/2009 - 09:37
Downloads: 1428

Assembler M68000 edit mode (assembly-M68000.xml v0.1 by Igor Lesik)
Submitted by curoles on Tuesday, 27 July, 2004 - 17:59

Updated on 07/27/2004 - 17:59
Downloads: 2146

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