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Plugin Central updates (6)
Submitted by mdillon on Tuesday, 14 January, 2003 - 15:54
This evening, I have released the latest batch of jEdit plugins. This release consists of one new plugin (HeadlinePlugin 1.0.2) and five updates. Except for Console 3.4, all of these plugins work with both jEdit 4.0 and 4.1.
jEdit 4.1pre8 now available
Submitted by slava on Saturday, 11 January, 2003 - 05:33
jEdit 4.1pre8 is now available. This release features improvements in syntax highlighting, auto indent, documentation, and soft wrap scrolling performance. A number of bugs have been fixed too.
More Plugin Central updates (3)
Submitted by mdillon on Wednesday, 8 January, 2003 - 23:59
A couple of the packages released yesterday had problems (XSLT and JDiffPlugin), so I am releasing updated versions of them, along with a new version of CommonControls.
Plugin Central updates (10)
Submitted by mdillon on Wednesday, 8 January, 2003 - 03:30
A busy holiday season, my recent engagement to my girlfriend of five years, and an unexpected flu have distracted me from jEdit stuff for the last month, so this batch of 7 updated and 3 new plugins covers from December up to the present.
SSHTools library
Submitted by slava on Friday, 3 January, 2003 - 23:45
Check out SSHTools if you're looking for a good, pure Java implementation of the SSH2 protocol. The next version of the FTP plugin - due out very soon - will use this library to implement secure FTP.
Unofficial debian packages for last 4.1pre7 jEdit
Submitted by eloy on Thursday, 2 January, 2003 - 18:48
This package is built against j2sdk1.4 ( taken from Blackbox Java. They work fine for me but remember: use at your own risk.
Plugins and 4.1final
Submitted by slava on Monday, 30 December, 2002 - 22:24
First of all, a number of plugins need to be updated for the new icon set; right now they either look out-of-place or icons don't show up at all. This includes AntFarm, Sessions, JBrowse, AntViz, and maybe others.

Also, I would really, really, like to see someone step up to either take over CodeAid and Jane, or start from scratch to write a code completion plugin that actually works.

I would also like to see ProjectViewer and Gruntspud improve to the point where they are usable for day-to-day work.
jEdit 4.1pre7 now available
Submitted by slava on Wednesday, 25 December, 2002 - 21:45
jEdit 4.1pre7 is now available. This release features some minor improvements, performance enhancements, and a lot of bug fixes.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 24 December, 2002 - 19:00
I hope the entire jEdit community has a great holiday season. Also, jEdit 4.1pre7 will be out within the next couple of days. After this, there will only be a few bug fix releases until jEdit 4.1final.
jEdit as a Swing component
Submitted by darius on Tuesday, 24 December, 2002 - 17:37
I just wondered whether it was possible (or even reasonable) to consider using jEdit or parts of it as a Swing component to be integrated in applications.

Slava says: look at
Freezes under Java 1.4.1 with Windows
Submitted by slava on Saturday, 14 December, 2002 - 22:57
This is turning into a FAQ, so I thought I'd post it on the community site. A lot of people have complained that jEdit can hard freeze their windows system after upgrading to Java 1.4.1. If you experience this, the problem is not with jEdit, but with your video driver. Updating the driver to the latest version should solve the problem; downgrading to Java 1.4.0 might also work.
A new toolset for creating web-based user interfaces with Java
Submitted by saolja on Friday, 13 December, 2002 - 16:27

Millstone is a user interface library for development of Internet and mobile-based applications with Java. It eases web-based application development, because it provides a wide set of reusable server side components for creation of user interfaces. It provides complete UI component framework utilizing XML and XSLT for terminal independency and themes.

The development model of Millstone is closely related to traditional client-side UI development model. It has a continuous application lifecycle and an extensive event model. Millstone also provides an interface for directly connecting UI components to business logic and data storage.

A plug-in to create GUI ? Why not ?
Submitted by warx on Friday, 13 December, 2002 - 16:22
I am new member of JEdit commuity and using JBuilder I noticed that with JEdit it is not possible to create GUI like JBuilder does.
Would that not be a good idea ?
jEdit wins Finalist Awards in XML-J 2002 Reader's Choice Awards!
Submitted by slava on Friday, 15 November, 2002 - 20:03
In other news, my computer has finally arrived in Canada (it was shipped by sea... then it got delayed...) and now I'm waiting for customs clearance. So very soon now, jEdit developement will once again resume at the frantic pace you all got used to at the start of the year.
Making jEdit's feature set more accessible
Submitted by slava on Wednesday, 9 October, 2002 - 18:52
From reading the jEdit 4.1 feature suggestions article, it seems the majority of suggested features are already in jEdit (wheel mouse scroll, word wrap, saving files in a background thread, window docking, ...). This suggests that users are having a hard time finding out about jEdit's feature set; what can be done to make the learning curve easier?
Moving Plugin Central
Submitted by mdillon on Tuesday, 8 October, 2002 - 02:07

With Plugin Central's bandwidth requirements averaging nearly 2 gigabytes per day, the prospects of finding a single provider willing to host the site for free from among jEdit's users are not good. Even if the site load could somehow be balanced across servers hosted by multiple providers, the number of servers that would be necessary to make the resource requirements reasonable to ask of volunteers would be large enough to make that possibility even less likely. For that reason, we have established a new jedit-plugins project on SourceForge to host Plugin Central. The transition from Standard Media's server to SourceForge should be completed within the next few weeks.

New Banners
Submitted by krisk on Saturday, 5 October, 2002 - 16:53
There are 2 new "Made with jEdit" banners available by Joshua Miller, so if you'd like to pay homage to your favourite text editor on your web site, head on over to the images section.
jEdit 4.1pre5 now available
Submitted by slava on Friday, 4 October, 2002 - 20:01
jEdit 4.1pre5 is now available. This release has new and updated syntax highlighting modes, the frequently-requested "unsplit current" command, and a number of other improvements and fixes.
Plugin Central updates (2)
Submitted by mdillon on Wednesday, 2 October, 2002 - 19:18

  • FastOpen 0.6: fixed a small bug when FastOpen would get a NPE on clicking OK/Cancel in Global Options box when FastOpen options were not changed; new Regular Expressions support for finding files; added a new option in the Global Options to toggle Ignorecase when doing Search; documentation to FastOpen has been included in this release which was only in form of Release Notes & Change logs in previous version; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, ProjectViewer 1.0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • JTools 1.1: adds Extend / Implement Wizard tool v1.0; adds Toggle Line Comment & Toggle Range Comment tools v1.0; Check Imports tool v1.1 now combines functionality of Check Imports v1.0 and Resolve Imports; addresses several issues the old versions didn't (i.e. duplicate imports, ambiguous imports & java.lang imports); Check Imports can now be applied to all buffers or just the current buffer; options now govern whether the tool inserts wildcard resolutions and automatically deletes unwanted imports or flags them with ErrorList; fixed a bug where a RuntimeException was thrown if the buffer was locked; resolved imports are now sorted; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3
Plugin Central updates (10)
Submitted by mdillon on Monday, 30 September, 2002 - 20:30

  • AntelopePlugin 1.40: includes several bug fixes and new features; "trace" and "edit" modes for tracing Ant target execution and editing build files; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, CommonControls 0.3, Console 3.3, ErrorList 1.2.2, and JDK 1.4

  • ConfigurableFoldHandler 0.3: adds the ability to treat the fold start and end strings as regular expressions when calculating folds; adds the ability to fold on certain patterns (enables folding on multiple strings by seperating each string with the | (pipe) symbol); requires jEdit 4.1pre2 and JDK 1.3

  • GruntspudPlugin 0.0.12-alpha: many fixes and changes since last Plugin Central version: see RELEASE_NOTES.txt; requires jEdit 4.0pre4, JDiffPlugin 1.3, Console 3.1, and JDK 1.3; includes cvslib.jar and NetComponents.jar
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