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J2SE 1.4.0_01 released
Submitted by slava on Monday, 10 June, 2002 - 00:11
Sun has released Java 2 Standard Edition, version 1.4.0_01. You can find a list of bug fixes here.
Post any comments you have about this release (good or bad) below.
Does anyone find the message boards useful?
Submitted by slava on Monday, 10 June, 2002 - 00:11
It seems the message boards section of this site is not being used very much, and I must admit I don't follow the postings much either. Perhaps this section should be shut down, and everyone encouraged to just use the mailing lists instead? Post your comments below.
Gruntspud - CVS Client plugin
Submitted by tanktarta_magicthize on Saturday, 8 June, 2002 - 18:43
Let me introduce Gruntspud ....
Gruntspud is a graphical CVS client that may be used either as a plugin to jEdit, or it may be used as a standalone application. It supports a variety of different connection methods including local, ext, pserver and server. About 50% of the main CVS commands are implemented, enough for it to be used for day-to-day stuff. Gruntspud is available for download at Sourceforge.
jEdit icon pack now available
Submitted by slava on Thursday, 6 June, 2002 - 04:06
A jEdit icon pack, containing various icons in a variety of sizes and formats, is now available from the Icons and Images page. Thanks to Kris Kopicki for contributing this.
Plugin Central updates
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 4 June, 2002 - 06:32

  • FastOpen 0.4.1: initial Plugin Central release; FastOpen is a plugin designed to quickly open any file in the currect project by just typing in the first few characters of the filename you want to open; added ProjectSwitcher to allow switching ProjectViewer projects from FastOpen (Warren Nicholls); added Current Project to window title; FastOpen window is no longer modal (Ken Wootton); ProjectViewer is now kept open if it is already open (Ken Wootton); invalid filenames are now highlighted in red; use with multiple views is now supported; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, ProjectViewer 1.0.2, and JDK 1.3
Plugin Central updates (5)
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 28 May, 2002 - 06:53

  • Console 3.3: file name completion when Tab key is pressed (Alexander Maryanovsky); error patterns can now specify a file name value of "$f", in which case the current buffer's path will be substituted; fixed generic error pattern for g++; fixed another possible problem if a program outputs an invalid line number in an error message; removed -encoding setting from the Jikes commando; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3

  • JcrontabPlugin 0.6: initial Plugin Central release; added properties pane and documentation; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3; includes jcrontab 1.0 (
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 1 January, 1970 - 00:00
jEdit 4.1 development begins
Submitted by slava on Monday, 27 May, 2002 - 08:10
I have recently begun working on jEdit 4.1. You can see some early work in the CVS repository. Changes so far include improved printing, improved syntax highlighting, various user interface improvements, SOCKS proxy support (for people behind an MS proxy server), and more. You can find a full change log here.
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 1 January, 1970 - 00:00
Plugin Central updates
Submitted by slava on Monday, 20 May, 2002 - 08:41

  • FTP 0.3.4: hidden files were not listed, even if "Show Hidden Files" was selected in the file system browser; "Open from FTP Server" and "Save to FTP Server" commands opened the wrong directory on the remote server; the directory cache would sometimes only be invalidated after the file system browser reloaded the directory, resulting in an outdated directory listing; requires jEdit 4.0pre3 and JDK 1.3

  • Lazy8Ledger 1.2: distribution updated to include database drivers previously missing due to a packaging error; requires jEdit 4.0pre8, BufferTabs 0.7.6, InfoViewer 1.1, and JDK 1.4
Bouvard & Pecuchet 1.3.1 now available
Submitted by slava on Friday, 17 May, 2002 - 05:58
Version 1.3.1 of this Java code documentation tool now shows which methods override a method and supports the new "assert" keyword. Several other minor enhancements and bugfixes were also applied, and the documentation was revised.
Plugin Central updates (5)
Submitted by slava on Thursday, 9 May, 2002 - 08:45

  • IRC 1.8.1: updated by Lionel Fiol; added some new commands (/CLEAR, /ECHO, /JOIN, /NICK, /QUIT, /QUOTE, and /WHOWAS); added new parameters to the /CONNECT command to allow specifying a different server, port, channel, or nick than those set through the option pane; fixed exceptions when using /CONNECT under JDK 1.3; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3

  • Lazy8Ledger 1.1: initial Plugin Central release; Lazy8Ledger is a full-featured accounting application implemented as a jEdit plugin; experience in double-entry accounting is necessary to ensure correct use; requires jEdit 4.0pre8, BufferTabs 0.7.6, InfoViewer 1.1, JDK 1.3
Two reviews of jEdit
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 30 April, 2002 - 23:08
Recently, two positive reviews of jEdit were posted, one on a web site dedicated to MacOS X, the other on a web site about Linux.
Take a look at this review, and this one.
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 1 January, 1970 - 00:00
jEdit 4.0 download mirrors
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 23 April, 2002 - 06:46
(PS: John, maybe the icon for the 'Installation' topic should be made a little better? Smiling )
Plugin Central updates
Submitted by slava on Sunday, 21 April, 2002 - 01:04

  • LineGuides 0.5.3: fixed problems with split views (bugs #529823 and #539117); requires jEdit 4.0pre4 and JDK 1.3

  • TextTools 1.8: added "Columnar Insert" command (Nathan Tenney); requires jEdit 4.0pre1 and JDK 1.3

  • TomcatSwitch 0.5.2: fixed a bug introduced with version 0.5.1 that prevented execution under systems different from Windows; requires jEdit 4.0pre2, Console 3.1, and JDK 1.3; works with Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.x, 3.3.x or 4.x

  • VSSPlugin 0.1.1: fixed class name bug in actions.xml; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3
SQL Plugin: Error with XML 0.8
Submitted by slava on Friday, 19 April, 2002 - 08:42
If you have this error try to rename XML.jar to aXML.jar. It solve it on my machine.

Slava says: indeed. The reason is that XML sets a couple of system properties in its plugin start() method, and if it happends to be loaded after SQL, then the SQL startup might fail. The author of this story says he is working on a patch and will send it to the SQL plugin maintainer over the weekend; so this is just a fix you can use in the meantime.

jEdit 4.0 now available!
Submitted by slava on Friday, 12 April, 2002 - 05:53
jEdit 4.0 is now available for download from the jEdit web site.
Come join #jedit on to chat about this release!
Post jEdit 4.1 feature suggestions here!
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 9 April, 2002 - 06:43
Now that the jEdit 4.0 stable release is just around the corner, time to submit ideas for jEdit 4.1! Write them up below!
jEdit 4.0pre9 now available
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 2 April, 2002 - 03:23
jEdit 4.0pre9 is now available. This will be the last release before 4.0final, so download it and test it as much as possible!!! Also, plugin developers: if your plugin is still incompatible with 4.0, please update it within the next week.
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