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New themes: Slashdot and Miller
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Thursday, 2 October, 2003 - 05:48
I've been working on a couple new themes for the site. I made the Slashdot theme for practice, but I think it came out pretty well. The Miller theme doesn't really do justice to the design provided by Joshua Miller, but it's not bad. I'll work on refining it some more when I get time.
Plugin Central updates (8)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Monday, 29 September, 2003 - 15:05

  • BufferList 0.9: added tooltips to the tree view; added an option to fully expand the tree by default; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3

  • Dict 0.4: updated to 4.2 API; upgraded menus; upgraded options pane; upgraded the DictPlugin menu; requires jEdit 4.2pre1 and JDK 1.3

  • FTP 0.7: improved SFTP support thanks to SSHTools 0.2.5; improved FTP thanks to various bug fixes; requires jEdit 4.2pre3, JakartaCommons 0.3, and JDK 1.3

  • IRC 2.0: new features like DCC File Transfer and CTCP added, as well as support for Bots written as jEdit plugins; you can also have the time printed in front of each message on a channel; requires jEdit 4.1pre5 and JDK 1.3
Downloads problems
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Friday, 12 September, 2003 - 17:03
Because downloads need to be written by the web user, and sourceforge is a pain in the ass, the downloadable files were world writable. Some $%#!@ thought it would be cute do go around deleting other peoples' files.
J2SE 1.5 expected this year
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Wednesday, 10 September, 2003 - 16:20
Changes include: eliminating the need for manual conversion between primatives and wrappers (int -> Integer), improved for loop, generic typing, Metadata, Static imports, and Typesafe enum.
jEdit 4.2pre5 now available
Submitted by slava on Wednesday, 10 September, 2003 - 04:03
jEdit 4.2pre5 is now available. This release adds text drag and drop, and fixes a large number of bugs. See the change log for a full list.
JSR 198: A Standard Extension API for IDEs
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Tuesday, 9 September, 2003 - 03:24
This has interesting potential regarding jEdit, but it's still fairly early in the java community process. If it were approved and implemented, you could write a plugin once and use it with any of the major java IDEs.

They don't appear to have made public any specifics, so it's not possible to tell how hard it would be for jEdit to implement this, or whether jEdit could feasibly support this new API in addition to its current plugin API. Hopefully supporting the new API wouldn't interfere with things like dynamic loading.
Java update for Mac OS X
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Tuesday, 9 September, 2003 - 03:13
From MacNN News :

Apple has released Java 1.4.1 Update 1 via the the Mac OS X Software Update preferences The update adds improved Java applet support for Safari and other Web browsers, improved rendering, and other compatibility enhancements. A Web download link is currently not available.
A few updates to the Site
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Tuesday, 9 September, 2003 - 02:08
Don't be shy about submitting news. Not all news has to go on the front page. Other news can be found in the 'Categories' menu on the right side of the main page. Submitting a news article is a good way to provide more information about a download you submit.

You can also submit tutorials and info for people working with particular programming languages; they can go in their own categories. If you think we need more categories for anything, feel free to ask. It's not hard for me to add more.

If you'd like to help out with the community site, that's good too.
Native Java JDK 1.3.1 Support For FreeBSD
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Monday, 8 September, 2003 - 05:15
A native binary of JDK 1.3.1 for FreeBSD has been
PHP 4.3.3 released
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Monday, 8 September, 2003 - 04:39
This release contains many bug fixes and they recommend everyone upgrade immediately.

See the Release Announcement or Change Log for more details.

Ant 1.5.4 Available
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Monday, 8 September, 2003 - 04:33
"minor bugfix release that fixes a problem with the javah task on JDK 1.4.2 and a couple of bugs in the Visual Age for Java intergration tasks. If you don't use javah or VAJ, there is no reason to upgrade.

Ant News

Apache announces J2EE project
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Monday, 8 September, 2003 - 04:28
"...the Apache Software Foundation has initiated a project to develop an open source, Apache-licensed implementation of the J2EE specification. In addition, the project is committed to certifying the implementation as J2EE compliant."

Original announcement is here.

Cookie Nest - Java Programming
Submitted by Brad Mace on Tuesday, 2 September, 2003 - 15:14
Cookie Nest, a site for the Java programmer has recently relaunched. They have lots of java applets, applications, articles, beans, tutorials and more. Their most popular feature is a 24 chapter Java manual for beginners which is also good for those who want to review their basics. They also have forums, a chat room and a list of top Java sites. Go on over and give them a visit. ( )
Website back to normal
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Tuesday, 26 August, 2003 - 19:48
Since loosing stuff is bad, we'll be implementing a new backup policy which will put a copy of all the important stuff in a nice safe place every night.
SourceForge Outage
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Sunday, 24 August, 2003 - 15:29
The only parts of the site really affected by this are the message boards and the wiki Sad Please re-create any changes that have been lost once we are back on the main server.

The outage affected all projects that start with j, q, s, or y as well as all users whose login names start with c, i, r, or z.
Plugin Central updates (14)
Submitted by mdillon on Sunday, 17 August, 2003 - 21:40

  • CodeBrowser 1.3.0: improved support for ftp and other remote file systems; added caching; added context menu; simplified internal structure; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3; requires separate installation of Exuberant CTags

  • Console 3.7: added TOGGLE_ENTRY, LONG_ENTRY, FILE_ENTRY and DIR_ENTRY controls to commando; bug fixes; requires jEdit 4.2pre2, ErrorList 1.3, and JDK 1.3

  • FastOpen 0.9: added the ability to open file + jump to a line number; optimised implementation to ArrayList instead of Vectors; requires jEdit 4.1final, ProjectViewer 2.0, and JDK 1.3
Now with Wiki goodness
Submitted by Brad_Mace on Wednesday, 13 August, 2003 - 19:48
We now have a wiki but currently it's almost completely unchanged from the default install. It's up to all the jEdit users to turn it into whatever you want it to be. Get a user name and go to work. Almost everypage can be edited by anyone. If you've never used a wiki before you can play around in the Sandbox web to try things out. Some content suggestions to get you started:
  • Configurations for working with java, C++, HTML, etc
  • Tips for people switching from Emacs, vi, bbedit, ...
  • Feature suggestions for jEdit or plugins
  • Site upgrade complete
    Submitted by Brad_Mace on Tuesday, 12 August, 2003 - 01:15
    We're going to call the latest site update completed. Not everything we hoped to do has been finished, but everything that's here works. A few of the biggest changes:
  • Download submissions will be stored locally rather than on individual user's servers.
  • Much nicer forums. If feasible, the old messages will be ported over.
  • While only registered users can start new forum topics, anyone can read and respond to them
  • Outdated information has been removed
  • Hopefully we'll get a wiki up and running soon too. If you have ideas for further improving the

    jEdit 4.2 feature suggestions
    Submitted by slava on Saturday, 9 August, 2003 - 06:24
    jEdit 4.2 development is going well and there will be a feature freeze soon so that I can focus on making 4.2final more stable than 4.1 ever was. Does anyone have suggestions for features they'd like to see in the editor core before 4.2final?
    jEdit 4.2pre4 now available
    Submitted by slava on Monday, 4 August, 2003 - 03:30
    jEdit 4.2pre4 is now available. This release does not bring much in terms of new features, but it fixes a lot of bugs. In other news, a new plugin batch is coming up soon.
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