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jEdit 4.1 plugin cutoff
Submitted by slava on Thursday, 17 July, 2003 - 18:01
The next plugin batch will be the last one to contain plugins compatible with jEdit 4.1. After the next batch, all new and updated plugins must use the jEdit 4.2 deferred loading API in order to be accepted on Note that jEdit 4.1 compatible plugins will still remain for download regardless.
JavaWorld reviews jEdit
Submitted by slava on Monday, 14 July, 2003 - 02:41
JavaWorld has published a review of jEdit.
Plugin Central updates (12)
Submitted by mdillon on Sunday, 13 July, 2003 - 04:26

  • ColumnRuler 0.7.0: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.2pre3 and JDK 1.4

  • ConfigurableFoldHandler 0.4: calculates folds in a slightly different way so that lines that contain a fold end string followed by a fold start string (such as "} else {") will be the start and end of a fold (in previous versions the two strings cancelled each other out and there was no fold on that line); documentation has been updated to include regular expressions to fold on pairs of strings like "function", "end function"; requires jEdit 4.1pre2 and JDK 1.3
jEdit 4.2pre3 is now available
Submitted by slava on Monday, 7 July, 2003 - 03:24
jEdit 4.2pre3 is now available. This is mostly a bug fix release (and there are a LOT of bug fixes) but it has a few nice improvements too. Also there will be a plugin batch in a few days, with many new and updated plugins.
Java 2 version 1.4.2 now available
Submitted by slava on Friday, 27 June, 2003 - 18:58
The final release of JDK and JRE 1.4.2 is now available.
Plugin Central updates (11)
Submitted by mdillon on Thursday, 12 June, 2003 - 18:53

  • AntHelper 0.8.3: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.0pre4, JCompiler 1.5.0, EBrowse 0.5.3, JBrowse 1.4.4, AntFarm 1.2, and JDK 1.3

  • Console 3.6: Console now prints a shell-provided "prompt" upon completion of a command; each shell's scrollback is now maintained separately, and is restored when switching shells; you can now switch shells from the keyboard by entering the shell's name prefixd with :, eg :System; Bug fixes; Updated for jEdit 4.2 deferred loading API; requires jEdit 4.2pre2, ErrorList 1.3, and JDK 1.3

  • CTPlugin 1.0: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3
jEdit nominated in JDJ 2003 Editors' Choice Awards!
Submitted by robmckinnon on Wednesday, 11 June, 2003 - 21:36
jEdit has been nominated in the JDJ 2003 Editors' Choice Awards; as announced in the June 2003 issue of Java Developer's Journal magazine.

The Editor-in-Chief of JDJ, Alan Williamson, nominated jEdit, saying: "The plugin architecture alone wins my vote, even beating Eclipse's. To say this is just a text editor for code is definitely underselling this wonderful example of software engineering."

Well done Slava and the rest of the jEdit team!

(jEdit is no stranger to accolades, last y
PostNuke expert needed
Submitted by slava on Sunday, 8 June, 2003 - 22:53
Does anyone want to help out a bit with the community site? It needs some outdated content removed (jEdit 4.0-era documentation). Also an update to the latest PostNuke release would be nice.
getting Java classes to be highlighted as KEYWORD2
Submitted by tfreem88 on Sunday, 8 June, 2003 - 18:35
I am new to JEdit and really like it! The one thing I wanted to change right away was that there is support for function highlighting but not for highlighting common Java classes, which I am used to.

EditPlus has 1800 such keywords in a plain text file so it was pretty easy to import them into jEdit's java.xml file.

I wrote up a quick explanation and posted the relevant files here:

Thanks to everyone who works on jEdit, this is an awesome program!
jEdit 4.2pre2 now available
Submitted by slava on Friday, 30 May, 2003 - 03:52
The main focus of this release is a new folding engine that should be much more efficient. Not only is folding faster, but general display tasks such as scrolling should be zippier too.

Also, the plugin loader and API has undergone much improvement and debugging -- it is now stable enough to start porting plugins to. Developers, please update your plugins -- users will thank you for the reduced startup time.

There are also a number of new features, such as a kill ring, files in the favorites list, and a new BeanShell release.

Thanks to Carmine
New, separate, plugin bug tracker
Submitted by slava on Thursday, 29 May, 2003 - 05:58
Previously core and plugin bugs were both in the same tracker. Now, I have created a new plugin bug tracker.
Plugin Central updates (8)
Submitted by mdillon on Monday, 26 May, 2003 - 18:22

  • CharacterMap 1.1.1: updated for jEdit 4.2 APIs; requires jEdit 4.2pre1 and JDK 1.3

  • FastOpen 0.8: FastOpen now remembers file search patterns you had entered previously and allows easy access to them by using Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down arrow to traverse between them for re-run of previous searches; FastOpen can now also show/switch between "non-project open files" and also supports color coding of such files for Visual identification; you can now use the "Jump to file" feature also by placing the cursor on a filename besides the usual 0.7 way of selecting the text and invoking FastOpen on it; the text color in the pattern box now default to that of jEdit's textarea; requires jEdit 4.1final, ProjectViewer 2.0.0, and JDK 1.3
Alternative Linux RPM
Submitted by slava on Sunday, 25 May, 2003 - 00:20
There is now an RPM package for Linux of jEdit 4.1 that bundles all dependencies. Get it from the Download page.
Note that if you use a tool like apt4rpm or urmi, or you use several Java programs, it might be best to use the packages from JPackage instead, where dependencies are unbundled and can thus be shared to save disk space.
Second call for a jEditLauncher maintainer
Submitted by slava on Wednesday, 14 May, 2003 - 03:33
jEditLauncher is currently unmaintained and since I don't run Windows there is nothing I can do about it. Can someone at least update the version number shown in Add/Remove Programs? right now it says "jEdit 4.0"! There are many other things that need to be fixed, so it would be nice if it had a maintainer. If the code remains unmaintained it will eventually be removed from the jEdit distribution, so if you like jEditLauncher, please help out!
Plugin Central updates (12)
Submitted by mdillon on Thursday, 8 May, 2003 - 18:45
This batch consists of 12 plugins, 6 of which are jEdit 4.0-compatible (PMDPlugin, JUnitPlugin, SourceControl, JSwatPlugin, HeadlinePlugin, and CommonControls). All of these plugins work under jEdit 4.1. Some of the plugins in my queue were not included in this batch. Those plugins are listed in the linked message to jEdit-devel and should appear in the next batch if all goes well.

  • AntFarm 1.3.1: fixed bug #711270: clicking tree in AntFarm 1.3 not selecting build file; requires jEdit 4.1final, CommonControls 0.7, Console 3.4, ErrorList 1.2.3, XML 0.11, and JDK 1.3 CommonControls 0.8: fixed NPE on autoresizing HelpfulJTable; autoresizing no longer necessarily means no manual resizing; column headers can participate in autoresizing; requires jEdit 4.0 and JDK 1.3
jEdit 4.2pre1 now available
Submitted by slava on Friday, 2 May, 2003 - 01:44
jEdit 4.2pre1 is now available. Main changes are a new display engine in the text area and an overhauled plugin system, but there is much more. See the change log for a full list. If you are a plugin developer, take a look at the jEdit 4.2 plugin porting guide. Go to #jedit on to discuss this release with other users.
Suggestions for the community site
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 29 April, 2003 - 01:38
Post your suggestions for improving the community site below... I guess the first thing it needs is a makeover, at least removing of the outdated content.
Using jEdit syntax highlighting in other applications
Submitted by slava on Monday, 28 April, 2003 - 01:43
The org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax package in the CVS can now be used in other programs. You can find preliminary documentation by generating javadocs from the latest source. More information will be added to the javadocs over time.
Gruntspud 0.4.0 is out
Submitted by t_magicthize on Saturday, 26 April, 2003 - 20:59
Here's just a few ...

You can now define 'projects'. When you add a project, you provide a home location for it much in the same way as always. However, when you change to a directory that is defined as a project, the entire tree file is loaded. This gives the ability to show that files need attention somewhere in the directory structure (modified, added, conflicts etc) even when the parent(s) are not expanded. The trade-off is that start-up time and memory consumption is higher (especially for large workspaces). I would recommend you try this one ...

An XML parser is now required (this is used for the projects file). Over the next few releases, more and more of gruntspuds configuration files will be migrated to XML. Xerces is included with the source distribution, so if you want (or need) to use JDK13 get that version. The jEdit plugin adds the 'XML' plugin as a dependency.
Java 1.4.2 beta
Submitted by slava on Tuesday, 8 April, 2003 - 02:23
Java 2 version 1.4.2 beta is now out for Windows and Linux. On Windows, it features a new WinXP look and feel; on Linux, a GTK+ 2 look and feel. Note that jEdit 4.1 does not work with the GTK+ look and feel; jEdit 4.2pre1 will fix the problem.
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