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Are you interested in language packs for jEdit?
Submitted by Brad Mace on Friday, 16 April, 2004 - 16:15
Yes, and I could help maintain translations
26% (280 votes)
Yes, I'd like to have translations
33% (355 votes)
35% (382 votes)
No, that'd be bad (please comment)
7% (75 votes)
Total votes: 1092
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Not needed
by array on Thu, 23/11/2006 - 12:04
The specific terms are more understandable when they're in english. And its also good for those who dont know them very much Smiling
I'm against it, for a simple
by Dustypaws on Sun, 18/06/2006 - 14:14
I'm against it, for a simple reason.

I'm german myself, a programmer you have to understand english anyways. So language packs would just unnecessarily blow up everything.
I would recommend against it
by raw on Tue, 16/05/2006 - 18:11
My native langiage is Norwegian. As stated by other posters, jEdit is aimed at programmers, who generally speaks English. This is a very good point. Some claim that it will be good for new or novice programmers to have it in their native language. I would say, absolutely not! They should get used to using English when programming as well, otherwise they will stay novice. So if you want more novice users (which requre more support, in their language, and generally don't give much back), then go ahead!
Besides, since "all" programmers know at least basic English, they all understand this forum. Now what whould happen if you got sister forums in a couple of dozen other languages, and a blah-speaking (blah being a non-english language) user out there happened to ask some really useful questions that was actually answered, then all the 99% other people out there that would have needed the answer but don't understand blah, will not get the answer.

This is why I think programming tools should be kept in English.
Not senseful
by Anonymous on Fri, 07/01/2005 - 14:00
I am native German speaking (from Austria). jEdit is clearly targeted for programmers, I suppose they all speak English.

I just started using jEdit, it is very complex. Everytime I thought something (used from other editors) is not possible, I found out it is possible nevertheless, when you install e.g. the right plug-in.

However, I needed a lot of searching in this forum. To make a language pack useful, it would also be necessary to translate the forum and of course also the complete documentation, which is, I think too much effort for a small group that would REALLY benefit.

It would be more useful to write a basic setup-guide. I am using jEdit for embedded C with a cross-compiler, I had to adapt language-files, commando-files, work-through the plug-ins, install ctags,... . While it is quite easy and very powerful when you once know it, it is very hard to get started. All I wanted to have is a compile-button Eye-wink

by Anonymous on Fri, 07/01/2005 - 14:03
I've forgetten to mention: If the language-packs are done, they should be of a high quality translation, otherwise the translation is more confusing then helping...
>>However, I needed a lot of
by Gollum on Sun, 30/04/2006 - 23:26
>>However, I needed a lot of searching in this forum. To make a language pack useful, it would also be necessary to translate the forum and of course also the complete documentation, which is, I think too much effort for a small group that would REALLY benefit.

Why not build subforum or user groups in every interested language ? There are still many jedit users worldwide. There is nothing more to build a subforum. I agree with your opinion, that the documentation must be translated in other languages, but this will bring more users to the jedit community.


I'd rather have other features ...
by Anonymous on Thu, 18/11/2004 - 16:03
I would people rather have invest their time to get other features implemented or work on making some features work better instead of supporting all what is necessary for different languages. I am not a native English speaker myself, but I think that most users of Jedit will do fine with English dialogs.
Adding More Features
by buffering on Sun, 14/11/2004 - 21:02
Adding more features have both good and bad sides.
Advantage is having to do with spreading JEdit to non-native English speakers. More and more programs out there seems to be supporting langauge packs these days.

Disadvanage seems to be coming from bloating jedit a bit more and making jedit slower...(but oh hell, will anyone notice the difference in speed? say, from 0.05 to 0.1 loading time difference? i doubt it)
yes, yes, yes
by bircow on Fri, 22/10/2004 - 05:46
Of course, I know that jEdit is aimed to programmers who are mostly fluent in English but I want to promote and spread jEdit also for beginning programmers, web designers, newbies and regular intermediate users.

jEdit is too good to stay in minor use only by experienced programmers.
Ability to program usually do
by Denyer on Sun, 19/02/2006 - 14:05
Ability to program usually doesn't correspond to ability with languages... my sister could use jEdit in Russian, Serbian, Polish, German, Japanese, French, etc. but wouldn't actually know how to *use* the editor to do anything except type...

Is jEdit really a minority app? If so, I'd say that's more because people don't feel inclined to use Java applications.
Linux and jEdit
by Anonymous on Tue, 19/07/2005 - 11:25
Can i user jEdit also for my linux cd blogg?
Translation of docs
by Anonymous on Tue, 14/09/2004 - 21:04
I think that a translation of jEdit isn't realy needed by many people.
But it is a good idea to translate the user docs in other languages,
and i could help.
I'll agree. I'm not fluent in
by DeltaFire on Fri, 13/01/2006 - 04:52
I'll agree. I'm not fluent in english (I'm finnish), and I'm not an experienced programmer. But reading those help/faq files with big dictionary next to monitor, I've learn how to use jEdit. It would be almost impossible task to translate most of those menu thingies in my language, if you wanna use clean, correct translations. One word in english may easily translate to whole phrase in my language.

So, my opinion is that better translate those help/faq files (I may wanna help with that) and keep jEdit as it is.
Localization would waste time
by Anonymous on Mon, 06/09/2004 - 17:20
Localization of jEdit and plugins would take many hours that would be better used on coding features and debugging. I used a French editor for early PHP work a couple of years ago and just learnt the commands without really needing to know French. The words on menus are not as important as the features working when selected!!! Help pages may be useful in major languages.
jEdit in French? help needed
by Anonymous on Wed, 25/08/2004 - 13:07
My first reaction would be to say that what is needed is a translation of the docs, especially for beginners. This is why I started to translate the jEdit User's guide on my own some time ago. However, I soon found out that I was actually translating jEdit since I had to translate menu entries when describing them. So far, I have translated parts of the Using jEdit section of the jEdit 4.1 User's Guide (including many menu entries and other interface elements). I'm ready to invest a lot of time and effort into a French version of jEdit but I need some help. I am a translator and only an amateur programmer, though I have some notions of java. I think people interested should start getting organized, but I do not know where to start. jEdit community is a big place.. Should I post a message in one the forums? which one (developper? general?) what about the wiki?
you can contact me at
i would like to translate the jEdit'commands in french?
by Anonymous on Sat, 09/04/2005 - 16:36
I love jedit but i am french, and i would like to translate the jEdit'commands in french (inside the every menu bar (file, edit, Marker, Options...))
1/ How can i do for translate the menus in french
2/ or perhaps it had been done by someone ,Where can i find it. please...
read you later (à bientôt,)
Valérie & Laurent
I think the capability to loc
by brantgurga on Thu, 24/06/2004 - 18:29
I think the capability to localize jEdit should be present, but actually localizing it is not necessary for the core jEdit team. Use ResourceBundles, it is usually easy to provide the ability to localize an application. It also make it easy to update strings in one place without having to read through Java.

Brant Langer Gurganus
Freshman, Computer Science
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
by Anonymous on Sat, 15/05/2004 - 20:30
Localization is not needed for such a tool like jEdit. I do preffer localised interfaces in web-applications, e.g. phpMyAdmin, but don't actually see the need to have a localised jEdit. Just think about all the plugins, they - what - will also need to have a localised interface? I don't know.. Maybe I've just never seen a nice application translation to my native language, everything's more usable in English.
And you know why that's bad? It's just because jEdit developement team will waste the time on not-so-usable feature. I think there's much work to do in other areas..
by fixedsys on Thu, 22/04/2004 - 08:03

CjK wrote exactly what I am thinking about this. I'm german too but it's no problem for me to handle a software with an english interface.

i think and would wrote the s
by LuziferXP on Mon, 01/08/2005 - 23:30
i think and would wrote the same like lars. i´m german too and it is very easy to use with standard english knowhow.

nice greetings from germany
Knoppix Smiling
I voted "indifferent" but clo
by CjK on Wed, 21/04/2004 - 09:34
I voted "indifferent" but close to "that would be bad". Since JEdit is a programmer's editor (or maybe it isn't?) one would expect the audience to be fluent in english. I for myself, even if a particular piece of software is also available in my native language (german), I rather go for the english interface, since I'm used to it. I know the commands and often find myself being puzzled when using localized applications.

Well, perhaps just my opinion. But the energy we could save by skipping language packs could be put into other areas of interest.

A poor-quality translation is
by Denyer on Sun, 19/02/2006 - 13:58
A poor-quality translation is worse than no translation, I tend to think, but it's useful when learning a language to be able to use software in it -- I've picked up some French, German, Polish etc. vocabulary by having access to software with translations. It's an effective way to *force* yourself to learn. Smiling
Language packs in jEdit
by cdowney on Tue, 20/04/2004 - 15:59
I think it is a nice feature to incorporate. For me, I would not probably use laguage packs since English is my primary language. I think that it would help developer's productivity to allow them to use the program in their native language.
Re: Language packs
by SGBware on Wed, 12/05/2004 - 15:51
I'd like to vote "No, but I could help maintain translations", I voted the yes one though. I am not a native English speaker, but I prefer an English interface. I think language packs would draw the attention of people who like interfaces in their own language.
No, that'd be bad
by Anonymous on Sun, 18/04/2004 - 15:22
No, that'd be bad
I see...
by Brad Mace on Mon, 19/04/2004 - 17:53
Would you care to elaborate on *why*?
I wouldn't mind helping out o
by Anonymous on Thu, 10/06/2004 - 10:19
I wouldn't mind helping out on translations in my spare time, IF I thought they were going to be used Smiling My second language is French Smiling
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