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disappearing Find dialog
Submitted by jurrie on Monday, 10 September, 2007 - 00:32
I am no longer able to see jEdit's Find dialog. The functionality is still there (Ctrl-f, enter text, press Enter -> jEdit searches the current buffer for the specified string) but the dialong is not visible.

The problem started while I was using 4.3pre9. I installed 4.3pre10 over the existing installation but the problem remains. I'm using jEdit on Windows XP SP2.

How can I get the Find dialog to appear once again?
I'm hoping to avoid an uninstall + re-install to another directory if possible.
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Simply just working
by tothsanka on Wed, 01/06/2011 - 11:22
Alt+SPACE, Down, Enter very very good idea Thanks
Solution found
by jurrie on Wed, 12/09/2007 - 13:14
My environment: Windows XP SP2; dual monitors

Problem: some jEdit dialogs exhibit "invisible" behavior... the dialogs are there and function, but are not visible on the monitor(s)

Likely cause: dialog locations are stored for future reference. On a subsequent use with a different window environment (i.e. different monitor used to display jEdit, single vs. multiple active monitors, etc.) the location information no longer yields active display coordinates, thereby causing the windows to be displayed off-monitor(s) so that they're never displayed.

Solution: the following works for me for dialog windows that are "invisible"

  1. select the dialog (i.e. Ctrl-f for the Search dialog)
  2. press Alt-Spacebar
    [this opens the window's control menu]
  3. press the 'Down' key followed by the 'Enter' key
    [this selects the control menu's "Move" entry]
  4. use the keyboard arrow keys to move the window around in graphics space....
    Once an arrow key is pressed the mouse also becomes active for this purpose. Move the window around until it is in a usable location.
  5. press 'Enter'
    [this causes the current location to be the window's active location]
by ajfinch on Thu, 13/09/2007 - 15:58
Great work. Works for me too. Thanks, Jurrie. - AJ :0) ><>
Visibility with dual monitor
by Hans_Bauer on Fri, 14/09/2007 - 05:45
Maybe my problem is based upon the same deficiency. I'm working with WinXP and Win2000 using dual and single monitor settings.

My comparable problems are with the main window of JEdit. Usually i work with dual monitors 2*(1600*1200) -> 3200*1200 in my office downstairs and JEdit is in the right monitor (x-position > 1600). Before going upstairs i change the monitor settings to single monitor 1600*1200. Now i start to work with my private-pc connecting to the office-pc via Remote desktop using a screen resolution of 1600*1200. When opening JEdit its position will be at x-position > 1600 (out of screen) and thus JEdit is invisibe.

To get a visible instance of JEdit i previously adjust the value of 'view.x' in the 'properties' file in the .jedit directory of the user settings and reopen JEdit. Is there a possibility for JEdit to check and adjust these properties according to the available screen resolution while startup? That really would be great.

Thank you all for your great work.
Hans Bauer
still fails after re-install
by jurrie on Mon, 10/09/2007 - 20:49
I uninstalled jEdit from my system, verified that its files were really gone, rebooted, installed jedit4.3pre10install. The original find dialog problem still persists.

I did see that jEdit maintained its settings (tab settings, last files opened at close, etc.) so apparently some profile type of information was not removed prior to re-installing.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'd like to stick with jEdit, but the unusable Find Dialog is starting to drive me nuts.
What do you mean?
by shlomy on Mon, 10/09/2007 - 05:24
You say that the Find dialog is not visible, but the functionality is still there. Do you mean that you press Ctrl-f, then type text and press Enter without seeing where this text goes? Or do you refer to the hyper-search results?
Yes, press Ctrl-f, enter sear
by jurrie on Mon, 10/09/2007 - 12:22
Yes, press Ctrl-f, enter search text and press Enter, will result in jEdit locating the text. Find Next (Ctrl-g) functions as expected.

It's "just" the actual dialog window functionality that's missing.
Disappearing Find Dialog
by ajfinch on Tue, 11/09/2007 - 09:31
I'm getting the same problem.
It's as through the dialog is invisible.
?? or outside of the screen area ??
Look in your .jedit folder an
by rolandd on Thu, 20/09/2007 - 11:56
Look in your .jedit folder and find the properties file. There are 2 settings:


As you can see the x value in my case was way out of bounds. Simply removing these 2 values and restarting jEdit solved my dialog problem.

Hope that helps someone Smiling
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