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Plugin Central updates (15)
Submitted by mdillon on Thursday, 27 February, 2003 - 23:28

  • CodeLint 0.2: updated to jEdit 4.1 API & plugin props changes. CodeLint can work with both 4.0.x & 4.1; lots of Advance Options added to enable fine tuning of what kinds of bugs you would like to find when finding errors in class files; fixed a minor bug of CodeLint only working on Java files (now it is made to work on C/C++ code too); added dependency on Console Plugin missing from 0.1; Code Streamline; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, Console 3.3, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3; requires separate installation of JLint from

  • EditorScheme 0.4.2: added support for "foldLine" property and updated existing schemes; fixed bug that prevented one from creating new schemes until the 'Scheme Selector' dialog has been displayed at least once; added 5 new schemes; changed default value of "Automatically Apply" to false; requires jEdit 3.2final and JDK 1.1

  • JTools 1.3: new version features optional Jane support, a new "Convert Imports to Wildcards" command and enhancements for the Extend Wizard, Toggle Line Comment and Toggle Range Comment commands; requires jEdit 4.1pre9, ErrorList 1.2, CommonControls 0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • JythonInterpreter 0.9.1: added Python parser for SideKick plugin; fixed label properties used for option panes; requires jEdit 4.1pre11, SideKick 0.1, and JDK 1.3

  • PMDPlugin 1.4: updated to use pmd-1.03; requires jEdit 4.0final, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3; includes PMD 1.03

  • ProjectViewer 2.0.0: rewrite of the plugin; all features of the previous versions are present, plus performance improvements, lots of bug fixes, extensibility (other plugins can add functionality to PV), and many other changes too numerous to list here; Important: this release breaks backward compatibility - plugins that need old ProjectViewer versions will not work with this release; requires jEdit 4.1pre8, XML 0.10, and JDK 1.3

  • PrologConsole 0.4: added two actions (Consult Current Buffer, Clear Engine and Consult) to the jEdit Plugins menu; registered a Macros.Handler so that a user can have Prolog theories consulted at startup (note that this feature works only under the jEdit 4.1 series and above -- see the plugin documentation for further details); requires jEdit 4.0final, Console 3.2, and JDK 1.3; includes tuProlog 1.2.0.

  • Sessions 1.0.2: this release fixes the bug where switching Sessions occasionally caused jEdit to hang (Steve Jakob); requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3

  • SideKick 0.1: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.1pre11, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3

  • SourceControl 0.4: added support for Source Off Site; requires jEdit 4.0final and JDK 1.3

  • SwitchBuffer 1.0.0: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.0.3 and JDK 1.3

  • TaskList 0.4.1: reduced parse time with default patterns (Antonio Argentieri); requires jEdit 4.1pre1 and JDK 1.3

  • Templates 3.1.0: updated Velocity engine from 1.3-rc1 to 1.3.1-rc2; fixed accelerator expansion bug where expansion of template accelerator at the start of a buffer would cause a BeanShell error (array index out of bounds (-1)); fixed problem with #caret directive at start of file; added $_jeditSelection variable to allow templates to access text selected fixed properties loading problem which caused #today directive to fail in current buffer; added ability to "pass through" an unrecognized accelerator to jEdit's abbreviation expansion function; added an optional boolean parameter to the #beanshell directive to allow suppresion of output of the last result in the script; requires jEdit 4.0pre4 and JDK 1.3; includes Apache Velocity 1.3.1-rc2 and Apache Commons Collections

  • TextTools 1.11: added "Move Rectangular Selection" action; requires jEdit 4.1pre1 and JDK 1.3

  • XML 0.11: the XML plugin now relies on the new SideKick plugin to present the structure tree and code completion popups; improved handling of external entities; improved code completion when the buffer is validated against a schema; fixed various bugs with the resource cache; Xerces 2.3 now included; requires jEdit 4.1pre11, ErrorList 1.2, SideKick 0.1, and JDK 1.3; includes Xerces 2.3

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