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Plugin Central updates (19)
Submitted by mdillon on Friday, 28 March, 2003 - 18:51

  • AntelopePlugin 2.42: some feature enhancement; new extra tasks; exposed an API for other plugins to interact with Antelope; other feature enhancements; supports the ability to run a number of targets sequentially with a single click; requires jEdit 4.0pre1, Console 3.3, ErrorList 1.2, CommonControls 0.7, and JDK 1.4

  • AntFarm 1.3: updated the look and feel to be consistent with jEdit 4.1; updated to include Ant 1.5.1; reworked the integration of the ProjectViewer plugin to include the ProjectViewer 2.0 release; the Console plugin is not utilized (brought to the front/made active) until a target is run; fixed #560025 Ant Farm 1.1 does not reparse build.xml; fixed #630805 Ant Farm not a valid target; fixed #674224 AntFarm: Doesn't execute targets; requires jEdit 4.1final, CommonControls 0.7, Console 3.4, ErrorList 1.2.3, XML 0.11, and JDK 1.3; includes Ant 1.5.1

  • CodeAid 0.9: the rewritten release of CodeAid; requires jEdit 4.1final, Jane 0.0.1, and JDK 1.3

  • ContextHelp 1.8: user can define a template script for any kind of help system; directory keyword template script: use this script if you want to use a html or text files based help; compile with jEdit 4.1 API; added Tcl help example; requires jEdit 4.1final, Console 3.0, and JDK 1.3

  • Docker 0.1: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.1final, CommonControls 0.7, and JDK 1.3

  • FastOpen 0.7: updated to jEdit 4.1 plugin changes; updated to ProjectViewer 2.0; removed FastOpen from EditBus event, making FastOpen even faster; removed ALL dependencies from creating ProjectViewer instances in FastOpen; lots & lots of code improvements/cleanups; removed the unneccesary active Project from titlebar; FastOpen now supports "Jump to selected file" feature whereby if FastOpen is invoked on a selected filename then it will automatically open that file if it is the only one in your project or shows you a list of files matching that selected text; file pattern textbox now occupies all the space on horizontal resize; FastOpen window set to a good default size for first time installation; requires jEdit 4.1final, ProjectViewer 2.0, and JDK 1.3

  • InfoViewer 1.2: updated icons for jEdit 4.1 (still some images missing); fixed a few deprecation warnings; requires jEdit 4.1pre8 and JDK 1.3

  • JakartaCommons 0.2: added bcel.jar to support Jane and JavaInsight; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3

  • Jane 0.0.1: initial Plugin Central release; requires jEdit 4.1final, ErrorList 1.2.2, JakartaCommons 0.2, SideKick 0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • JavaInsight 0.5.1: BCEL moved to JakartaCommons; requires jEdit 4.1final, JakartaCommons 0.2, and JDK 1.3; includes Jode

  • JDocPlugin 1.02: fixed: the plugin core class was not correctly creating the jdoc directory for the jdoc.settings file (this directory and file are created the first time jEdit is run after the JDocPlugin is installed); miscellaneous bug fixes; requires jEdit 4.0final, Console 3.1, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3

  • JSwatPlugin 1.3: many bug fixes and enhancements (see change log for details); requires jEdit 4.0pre7 and JDK 1.4; include JSwat 2.14

  • NetRexxJe 0.09: replaced NetRexx Source Code Navigator by SideKick plugin's Structure Browser; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3; includes NetRexx compiler

  • ProjectViewer 2.0.1: fixes various issues with file importing; some performance improvements when updating trees; some API additions; requires jEdit 4.1pre8, XML 0.10, and JDK 1.3

  • SideKick 0.2: miscellaneous bug fixes; requires jEdit 4.1pre11, ErrorList 1.2, and JDK 1.3

  • SQL 0.95: new databases supported (Thanks a million to all contributors); SQL toolbar introduced (thanks to contributors for icons); result set supports optional column autoresing and per-cell clipboard copying; requires jEdit 4.0final, CommonControls 0.2, ErrorList 1.2, Sessions 0.7.3, and JDK 1.3

  • TaskList 0.4.2: fixed sf bug 535882, "TaskList, removing and jumping"; fixed a sorting bug (NPE if no ":" in Task.text); fixed "Reset task patterns"; added "Parse Buffer" to TaskList Popup menu; fixed sf bug 699048, "Unable to delete tasks"; added option to sort tasks by buffer name; fixed bug removing task patterns; requires jEdit 4.1pre10 and JDK 1.3

  • XML 0.11.1: fixes a bug where the structure browser is not shown under Windows; miscellaneous bug fixes; added an option to insert a space before the "/>" in empty tags; requires jEdit 4.1pre11, ErrorList 1.2, SideKick 0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • XSearch 0.8.0: many feature additions and bug fixes (see change log for details); requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3
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