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Plugin Central updates (14)
Submitted by mdillon on Sunday, 17 August, 2003 - 21:40

  • CodeBrowser 1.3.0: improved support for ftp and other remote file systems; added caching; added context menu; simplified internal structure; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3; requires separate installation of Exuberant CTags

  • Console 3.7: added TOGGLE_ENTRY, LONG_ENTRY, FILE_ENTRY and DIR_ENTRY controls to commando; bug fixes; requires jEdit 4.2pre2, ErrorList 1.3, and JDK 1.3

  • FastOpen 0.9: added the ability to open file + jump to a line number; optimised implementation to ArrayList instead of Vectors; requires jEdit 4.1final, ProjectViewer 2.0, and JDK 1.3

  • HeadlinePlugin 1.1: switched to a two-pane view with titles in one pane and content in the other; added text "No title" if the RSS entry has no title; added text "No date" if the RSS entry has no date; added text "No content" if the RSS entry has no description; the Java HTML renderer doesn't seem to like tags like <... /> so /> is replaced with simply > in each RSS entry description; description limit option is now obsolete so it was removed; looks for dates in each RSS entry more aggresively; added Next|Previous buttons to the UI; requires jEdit 4.0.3, InfoViewer 1.0, and JDK 1.4

  • JExplorer 1.3.1: updated for ProjectViewer 2.0.2, so that project files additions and removals, and project name changes can be correctly handled; the user can now choose to have a model
    automatically rebuilt when a buffer changes, or when it's saved, or never; models are no longer automatically rebuilt when such options change; a "Rebuilding delay" ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 seconds can be set in the global options dialog; selection is now preserved even when a model can't be rebuilt due to errors; clicking upon an already selected item now positions the jEdit buffer upon the corresponding code each time; requires jEdit 4.1final, ErrorList 1.2.3, ProjectViewer 2.0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • JinniConsole 1.1: lots of new features, so this is a major version update; contains an automated doucmentation system, an automated logger system, refined tracing, multithreading and minor visual improvements; requires jEdit 4.1final, Console 3.3, ErrorList 1.2.2, and JDK 1.4; requires separate installation of Jinni 8.15

  • JVMStats 0.2: updated JVMStats to support jEdit 4.2; requires jEdit 4.2pre2 and JDK 1.4

  • LaTeXTools 0.2.1: several problems with the BibTeX and Label Parsers resolved; tabular environments now supported in the Structure Browser with an associated icon; requires jEdit 4.1final, SideKick 0.2, and JDK 1.3

  • ProjectViewer 2.0.2: ability to create virtual folders (folders that don't exist on disk); configurable context menu; ability to use system icons; option to use the InfoViewer plugin for URLs; several other minor enhancements; this versions drops the dependency on JAXP and the
    XML plugin, so people having problems are encouraged to update the plugin; requires jEdit 4.1pre8 and JDK 1.3

  • SuperScript 0.3: initial Plugin Central Release; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3; includes Apache BSF 2.3

  • SwitchBuffer 1.1.0: many new features and bug fixes (see documentation for details); requires jEdit 4.0.3 and JDK 1.3

  • Templates 3.3.0: more updates to be compliant with jEdit 4.2 API changes; requires jEdit 4.2pre3, JakartaCommons 0.3, and JDK 1.3; includes Velocity 1.3.1-rc2

  • Xrefactory 1.6.1: works with jEdit 4.2pre2; does not use deprecated methods from jEdit 4.1; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.4; depends on the shareware program xref (available for Linux-i386, Windows, Solaris9-i386 and Mac-OSX)

  • XSearch 1.0: backward search for regular expressions; new method: public static String getMatchedSubexpression(String match, int matchNumber) returns subexpression "n" of the recent search; feature "tentative search" changed: now, only "doubled `type`d characters", and "dash instead of underscore" are supported; "hyper range" expands the result tree completely; "hyper search" shows first the filename, then the path; bugfix for comment search ico hypersearch; requires jEdit 4.1final and JDK 1.3

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