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tools.jar & JCompiler
Submitted by rharlos on Wednesday, 7 April, 2004 - 21:50
I'm a relatively new JEdit user and I enjoy it very much. One point I'm struggling with is the visibility of tools.jar for the JCompiler plug-in.

I know I can just copy it into the jedit/jars folder (because I did this on a friends laptop just to get it working) but i really, REALLY want to solve this problem using JAVA_HOME and/or CLASSPATH.

When I installed the SDK (1.4.02), I opted to allow it to install the public JRE as well (was this my bad?). Without having set any environment variables (did I mention I'm using Windows XP Pro?), the plug-in reports that it can't find tools.jar ... that my java.home is the public install (c:\program files\java\j2re1.4.2_04\bin) ... the the tools.jar file is usually found (relative to java.home) in ..\lib, so...

I've tried creating a CLASSPATH env var that points specifically to the tools.jar in the SDK/lib directory... I've tried adding a JAVA_HOME env var that points to the SDK's \bin directory, and to the actual root/home directory... none of these things seems to work.

I feel as if I'm going to HAVE to copy tools.jar into jedit/jar in order to get this to work but I can't help but wonder if I'm just overlooking some simple step/idea that would allow me to get this working WITHOUT having to do the copy.

Any help much appreciated!

java *.java
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 1 April, 2004 - 11:38
does any one know if its possible to use the console/system plugin with command javac *.java ? i get

error: cannot read: *.java
1 error
Process javac exited with code 1
jEdit and gdb integration
Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 31 March, 2004 - 18:03
jEdit and gdb integration - breakpoints, watch etc..
GUIUtilities.loadToolBar() change in JEdit 4.2 pre?
Submitted by beffy on Tuesday, 30 March, 2004 - 12:35
Hi there,
I tried to update a little plugin I wrote to JEdit 4.2. pre 11, but I am stuck updating my plugin toolbar...
in JEdit 4.1. final I am using
JToolBar toolbar = GUIUtilities.loadToolBar("tidedebug.toolbar");
Then I am iterating over the components to get my buttons and that's basically it...

start = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(0);
pause = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(1);
stop = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(2);
stepInto = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(4);
stepOver = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(5);
runToCursor = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(6);
stepOut = (JButton) toolbar.getComponentAtIndex(7);

But, in 4.2., this doesnt work anymore since now I get a Box back from this method:

Box toolbar = GUIUtilities.loadToolBar("tidedebug.toolbar");

I've tried to simply create new Buttons like this:

if(toolbar != null)
start = new JButton();
pause = new JButton();

etc., then setting Icons, ToolTipsTexts, adding ActionHandlers for every button, etc. but while the buttons are being rendered now, I'm still getting weird NullPointerExceptions all over the place and I'm not sure why... is there any other way doing this?
Or what is the recommended way now to add a Toolbar with usable buttons? And why was this changed?

Thanks for any advice!
best regards,
VIMOutliner like solution
Submitted by Gary Furash on Friday, 26 March, 2004 - 14:25
Has anyone built outliner functionality into jEdit - something like VimOutliner is for VI? It's pretty nifty.
Mac OS Plugin missing
Submitted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 23 March, 2004 - 20:22
I am new to jEdit and XML, and when launching the editor, I keep getting the following message: "Mac OS Plugin requires a newer version of Java (MRJ 99.0)."
I've been searching for some time now but without any success.
Can anyone help?
Proof of Concept SwitchPane Plugin
Submitted by adraken on Tuesday, 16 March, 2004 - 04:59

I've wanted jEdit to have an Alt-Tab window switcher
(like on Windows and Mac) for edit panes for a while
now. That is, you'd cycle through windows, but the
order changes based on which windows receive focus, so
you can quickly switch between 2-3 windows.

This weekend, I hacked together this proof of concept
plugin to demonstrate the idea. After bumping my head
on the various KeyEvent workarounds and AWT warts, I
finally got it to work.

Just drop it in your jars/ directory and restart
jEdit. Use CTRL-BACKQUOTE (Ctrl-`) to switch between
edit panes.

The keyboard shortcut is hardcoded in and there are no
actions or options. But, if you like it and would like
to spend some time polishing it, the source is in the
JAR. Go for it.

Have fun.

P.S. I had to bypass the keyboard shortcut framework
because there was no other way for the plugin to know
when you let go of the modifier key. If you're still
confused, play with the real thing (Alt-Tab) and
notice how it behaves. But because I did that, we
can't use TAB as the action key (no Ctrl-Tab) because
View.processKeyEvent consumes any KEY_PRESSED event
for TAB.

P.P.S. Lee Turner's SwitchBuffer served as a basic
template for building this plugin. Thanks.
Java Swing Keyboard Events
Submitted by adraken on Sunday, 14 March, 2004 - 03:35
I'm in the middle of developing a plugin to provide EditPane switching like the Alt-Tab behavior on Windows and Macs. The idea is that although jEdit allows you to switch to the *next* EditPane, what you really want to do is switch to the last active EditPanes.

Windows lets you hold down Alt and hit Tab repeatedly to cycle through all the windows (in a circular linked list). When you find the one you want, you let go Alt. The newly-active window gets removed from the linked list and gets placed on the head. That means that you're able to switch very quickly between recently used windows with relatively little effort.

I've been trying to emulate this behavior, and since this kind of keyboard manipulation goes beyond the simple keyboard shortcuts, I've been trying to handle these events through the KeyListener interface, using the View.setKeyEventInterceptor() function to grab events. However, I'm noticing that I'm never receiving KEY_PRESSED events, only KEY_RELEASED and KEY_TYPED events. And even when I receive the KEY_RELEASED events, I'm never getting the KEY_RELEASED events for modifier keys like Ctrl or Alt.

Does anyone know if there's anything that jEdit does to keyboard events that might make this act weird? Or is this pretty standard behavior in Swing apps?
Plugin to marry TaskList w/ Project Viewer?
Submitted by Anonymous on Friday, 12 March, 2004 - 23:00
I know it's been out there a long time, but I just discovered the TaskList plugin, and everything seems so rosy today ... How about a plugin that would marry the tasklist and projectviewer together so you can opt to see all the tasks for a particular Project, instead of having to go through the tasks on a file by file basis ...

That sort of über-overview would be lovely ... just lovely.

What's wrong with the website?
Submitted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 9 March, 2004 - 18:22
Whenever I go to, the page takes a while to load. When the page comes up, the left column appears in the entire screen, and the bottom of the page has a message that says:

error opening cache file '/home/groups/j/je/jedit-plugins/cache/%2Fhome%2Fgroups%2Fj%2Fje%2Fjedit-plugins%2Flib%2Fchrome%2Fcategory_list.php.cache' for writing

The entire jedit website seem to be sick over the weekend (3/6 to 3/7), but it seems to be ok now. However, the plugins home page is still having problems. The Plugin Manager in jedit seems to be working though, when I click the "Install New Plugins" button (although I haven't actually tried to install any plugins).

Does anyone know what's going on?
java formatting updates for JDK 1.5?
Submitted by azahra on Tuesday, 2 March, 2004 - 02:17
I noticed both the JavaStyle and Jalopy plugins don't cope with the new syntax in JDK 1.5 for Java Generics which use <> to specify types. e.g. Hashtable ht= new Hashtable();

Are there any updates planned for either of these plugins?

WhiteSpace plugin improvement
Submitted by vernier on Tuesday, 17 February, 2004 - 16:10
I couldn't find Andre kaplan (official maintainer) email so I post her my contribution. I modified a little bit th whitespace plugin in order to display colors in indentation to highlight code structure. You can find the modified version of the plugin and a screenshot here :

does someone find it usefull (code readability probably)?
do you know previous work on the topic ?
do you have any idea on which color for a loop or for a "if-then-else" statement ?

Smartypants integration (punctuation, smart quotes, etc.)
Submitted by Anonymous on Monday, 16 February, 2004 - 14:50

Is there a plug in similar to smartypants or is there a way to implement this pearl script into Jedit? I'm a newb here, knowing just enough to code xhtml and awful css. Jedit is great for even just web site dev.

Help Getting Started
Submitted by Anonymous on Friday, 6 February, 2004 - 19:34
I've just started learning how to write plugins, and i've been getting really annoyed because the menu items created aren't enabled... and my docking panel isn't in the docking list in the global options dialog.

If anyone can enlighten me it would be much appreciated.. the code and the jar are both in this rar archive.

ps. don't bother going to the website it's on... the program isn't even half done yet.
What plugins are developed
Submitted by aabbaabb on Monday, 2 February, 2004 - 13:56
Could we have here or in plugins page an information which plugins are still developed and which are not. This would help a lot when designing which plugins to use.
Context-help plugin // problems
Submitted by nothere on Tuesday, 27 January, 2004 - 13:32

I tried to use the Context-help plugin for php, which opens the windows-helpviewer, to access a ".chm"-php helpfile via following bsh-script:

command = new StringBuffer();
command.append("hh.exe ");

Now I've got 2 problems..:

First, the bsh-script does not exit and if I try to access the help again, before closing the helpviewer, the script waits for the first process to exit..
What command shall I use, to open an external application without waiting for it.

Second, following Exception each time I access Context-help:

at contexthelp.ContextHelpPlugin.runScript(Unknown Source) at contexthelp.ContextHelpPlugin.runContextHelp(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at bsh.Reflect.invokeOnMethod( at bsh.Reflect.invokeStaticMethod( at bsh.Name.invokeMethod( at bsh.BSHMethodInvocation.eval( at bsh.BSHPrimaryExpression.eval( at bsh.BSHPrimaryExpression.eval( at bsh.BSHBlock.evalBlock( at bsh.BSHBlock.eval( at bsh.BshMethod.invokeImpl( at bsh.BshMethod.invoke( at bsh.BshMethod.invoke( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.BeanShell.runCachedBlock( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.BeanShellAction.invoke( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.InputHandler.invokeAction( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.InputHandler.invokeAction( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.DefaultInputHandler.handleKey(
:290) at org.gjt.sp.jedit.View.processKeyEvent( at org.gjt.sp.jedit.textarea.JEditTextArea.processKeyEvent(
4917) at java.awt.Component.processEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Container.processEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager.redispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.dispatchKeyEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.preDispatchKeyEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.typeAheadAssertions(Unknown Source) at java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) at Source)

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,
"Getting" a plug-in with no dockable window
Submitted by Anonymous on Monday, 19 January, 2004 - 22:28

The plug-in tutorial presents an example of associating actions with a plug-in in which each action retrieves its plug-in like this:


That is, it assumes you want to create a plug-in with a dockable window. If I don't want to create a dockable window, how do I create an instance of my plug-in and what code would I put in my actions.xml file to retrieve it? Is there something like:



Please send responses to this forum (which I'm monitoring) and/or Ken Anderson at "kena at".
Newbie Request
Submitted by Anonymous on Monday, 19 January, 2004 - 20:43

I'm a newbie jEdit plug-in developer and have a quick request for help/pointers for a particular effect that I'm trying to achieve. I've been designing/developing an open hypermedia system, Chimera, since 1992 and over the years Chimera has been integrated with a number of text editors including vi, emacs, MS Word, etc. and now, hopefully, jEdit! The main difficulty in integrating a text editor is figuring out how to "create anchors" that is, understanding how to ask the editor to display a piece of text in a format that indicates that an anchor/link exists within the document (using the ubiquitous format of blue, underlined text).
jEdit.openFile() stole my focus!
Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 1 January, 2004 - 03:37
After calling jEdit.openFile() the textArea takes the keyboard focus (but only if the file isn't open already). Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


XSLT Processor
Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 24 December, 2003 - 17:07
I found myself wishing that the XSLT Processor plugin did not simply report XSLT errors in the log but also gave the user the opportunity to view the XSLT errors via the error dialog. It wouldn't take much to create a dialog that showed the error messages in a JTextArea. You could show/hide the detail using a toggle button.
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