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Mac OS X theme for jEdit (OSXTurdheadIconPack.jar v1.0 by VeryVito)
Submitted by VeryVito on Friday, 28 September, 2007 - 00:40
Just put this together, as my site is running a series of articles on customizing jEdit for use as the preferred editor on OS X. To install: Close jEdit (otherwise, the icons won't change until the next time you launch it), and, if you're using OS X, chances are you will need to "Authenticate" when you place this jar file into your Java home directory (i.e., /Library/Java/Home/lib/ext on plain-vanilla OS X). This means you must type your administrative account's password before OS X will let you place the file in the system folder. Hope you enjoy it! And please, stop by the site and let me know if you do!
Tango! icon theme for toolbars (icons-toolbar-tango!.zip v0.9 by 13xforever)
Submitted by 13xforever on Monday, 26 March, 2007 - 06:04
These icons are intended to use as replacement for standard jEdit icons for toolbars.

As you may notice there's some icons left to reimplement in Tango! theme, so feel free to update.
GNOME Clearlooks icon theme for jEdit (jedicons-clearlooks.jar v0.1)
Submitted by Oswald on Thursday, 17 August, 2006 - 20:47

This icon set is based on GNOME Icons for jEdit, but contains icons from Clearlooks icon theme, instead of GNOME default icons

Put this file in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext (I have it in /usr/java/jre1.6.0/lib/ext) and restart jEdit.

See screenshot

jEdit Web Badges ( v1.0 by Harpreet Miglani)
Submitted by hexxus on Sunday, 16 July, 2006 - 02:27
A set of six 80x15 web-badges (or Blog-Buttons if you prefer) for jEdit in png format.
An Office / Silk icon mix (jedit_windowsofficesilkmix_icons.jar v1.0 by various)
Submitted by Denyer on Sunday, 30 April, 2006 - 16:20
For anyone who'd prefer jEdit to look and feel more like a regular Windows application. To use, simply copy the .jar file into your $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext directory and restart jEdit. Some icons from Silk by Mark James. Built for jEdit 4.3pre3 but I think should be fine with earlier versions, and seems okay with later pre-release versions as well.
Nuvola 1.0 based Icon Set ( v1.0 by mapo)
Submitted by mapo on Thursday, 13 January, 2005 - 13:01
Nuvola 1.0 ( based Icon Set. See the README for installation instructions.
Nice Aqua icons for jEdit (Aqua-jedit-icons.jar vv.1.0 by ThON, with help from HYKO)
Submitted by thon on Wednesday, 17 November, 2004 - 18:54
Here is a nice (I think) collection of icons for jEdit, based on Aqua icons theme for KDE, which I've downloaded from Enjoy... (Simply place the .jar file in the $JAVA_DIR/jre/lib/ext directory and restart jEdit)
jEdit GTK Icons (jedit-GTK-icons.jar v1.0 by Alexander Klimetschek / Lars Trieloff)
Submitted by klizza on Friday, 25 June, 2004 - 14:01
Put them into $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext and these icons will be used automatically by jEdit instead of the default ones.

Taken from GTK/Ximian, released under GPL.
GNOME Icons for jEdit (gnome_jedit_icons.jar v0.1 by yogi)
Submitted by yogesh_4u on Thursday, 17 June, 2004 - 12:41
Based on recent post by some one I just created Gnome icons for jEdit 4.2 Put this file in the directory $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext Gnome icons will be used automatically by jEdit instead of defaults one. n-joy :)
A Neater jEdit icon for Windows (jedit.ico v1.0 by Anthony Roy)
Submitted by antroy on Friday, 21 May, 2004 - 15:01
A version of the default jEdit icon, but with the white surplus around the edges trimmed away. Includes 32x32 and 16x16 images.
XP icons for jEdit (jedicons.jar v1.1 by Alain)
Submitted by artisback on Thursday, 29 January, 2004 - 03:07
A new release of XP icons for jEdit 4.2
Put this file in the directory $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext
XP icons will be used automatically by jEdit instead of defaults one.
jEdit XP icons (jedicons.jar v1.0 by alain)
Submitted by Brad Mace on Friday, 19 December, 2003 - 06:50
Windows XP icons for jEdit Put this file under \jre\lib\ext and those icons will be used automatically by jEdit instead of default's one
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